Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random update: Weekly summary!


Good afternoon.

First of all, I wanted to thank Low Kay Hwa because I finally received the two books from him. I'm so excited!

Last Saturday was my day, because while I was talking with momi and sis after came back from evening walk, momi took out something from the letter box. And she said Lydia, this is for you! What I saw was a medium-sized envelope filled with something!!
My mind blank, and all I can thought off was my books finally arrived!!!!!!
 Medium-sized envelope from Low Kay Hwa, and thank you so much!

PS: But the handwriting emmm...

Two books by Low Kay Hwa, and I finished reading To Forget You already. I must say this is a freaking sad story, but I heart it so much. The story-line just like something real that will happen in our life. 

I seriously love it. 

Another thing is that I need to thank Jennifer for helping to buy this hard disk pouch. I wished to buy this after I bought my hard disk last month, but I don't have transport to go the PC Fair. 
 Hard disk pouch from PC Fair RM8.00

Cheap not?? Jennifer so cute to call me and ask which I love the most. HAHAHA! Thank for spending your precious time and money for this! Thank you very much, and I know you will read this! MUAHAHA.

Anyway, I can take it tonight and I'm freaking happy right now. I can take this with my hard disk already! I always afraid to bring my hard disk to momi's office because it is super dirty, but now I no longer afraid anymore. HAHA!

Last Tuesday or Wednesday, the JLS (Jennifer, me and Shin) went Pizza Hut together at Aeon! I super pissed off of this Pizza Hut shop because they have bad service and food!
 This was snack plate, and the photo shown with vege!! So, we asked for the vege from their waiter, guess what?

They gave me one carrot and one cucumber after asking. Oh gosh! What kind of service is this??

Three of us felt numb after they gave us this, and all of us was like they just gave us 2 vege for a plate? Why so different from the one we ate few months ago at somewhere else? Freaking pissed off!!!
This was not my favourite as well. However, Jennifer told me that it tastes better from other Pizza Hut retailer. So, people who want to try this, please don't go Aeon Pizza Hut, because it really not delicious at all.

All and all, the outing was to update each other, so I'm not-so-piss-off anymore! Gossip 4ever!

Alright, end here, and I'm gonna have my lunch now. 


  1. U should try Papa John/Sarpino/Domino instead of Pizza Hut

    1. yes! I should.. regretting!

    2. too late.. Sarpino damn expensive

    3. hehe.. is it? nvm.. i'm still ok with Pizza Hut

    4. Pizza Hut damn oily.. Ini kalilah!

  2. Wow much different than our Pizza Hut in the states

    1. yes, different. Because it suit Malaysian more. :)

  3. Get the book never borrow us to read?

    1. just borrow from me.. if i know who are u. hehee