Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Update: Hello Kitty!


Here come another very random blog post. I had my lunch with Jennifer just now at Mc Donald, and one of the reason she crazy on Mc Donald is because of Hello Kitty in purple!

The Hello Kitty she bought just now! I'm not Hello Kitty fans, so a No from me.

I wasn't that obsessed on this Hello Kitty collection, first, I'm not their fans though I'm pinkaholic.  There are four Hello Kitty in this collection which is Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Ronald McDonald.

I think Birdie is nicer, but I'm not going to collect at all, because I need to save money for Genting Highland and Singapore trip the week after next week, and following week. I'm very excited now!

I'll be going Sunway Lagoon the week after next week, and continue our journey to Genting Highland to enjoy the weather!

Then after the journey to Genting Highland, Shin and I will go to Singapore to enjoy our last trip before working. Omg! I'm so excited when come to trip....

Right now, I'm still thinking on how I'm gonna spend the money I've. I'm really happy since I've been talking about trip for very long time. Now, my dream come true. Excited!!!!!

PS: I'm the boss today because I'm helping momi in the office. Watching Running Man like a boss!!