Sunday, July 4, 2010

The very first step in Penang....

OMG! I have not update any Penang trip post since the day I went back from there. I know I supposed to blog about Penang trip months ago, but due to my laziness, I have delayed days from days, I’m sorry, people!

PS: I still didn’t get some of the photo from friends. =__=

The day before I went Penang, I lost my purse as you all know about and I’ve blog it, and the excitement of going Penang. I’m way too excited to go Penang with my friends and this lead to sleepless for the day before going Penang. *tired*

Around 6am, I woke up and have daily routine, packed and checked for my things, and headed to bus station around 10am. I was so tired yet still so talkative in the bus, my friends keep complaint on me coz I’m way too noisy while they were sleeping. Shin and I were talking for 7 hours, (not so long lah, we rested and slept awhile, then chat again =_=) we’ve a lot of things to chat that day.

While we were in the bus, we were way too talkative (for me only >.<)

After 7 hours of travel, we finally reached Penang at 5.30pm (if not mistaken) and Jennifer’s uncle fetched us to go the first destination. Thank a lot to her uncle; his is so kind and generous, thank you, uncle.

In Jennifer's car, Shin, me and Ting (sorry, because I've cut her face due to not perfect caption)

Guess where is our first destination in Penang??

By seeing the photo, I think you people can figured out now!!

Our very first destination is the SNAKE TEMPLE of coz. It is a must to visit Penang!!

The Snake Temple in Penang is a great place to visit, but please visit on Sunday in the morning or noon, coz there will be snake around and you may play with (if any).

We went there around 6pm, it is quite late anyway, so no snake was available. According to Jennifer's aunty, in the morning or noon, there will be a so called snake released, tourists may touch the snake too. How bad we missed it!!

However, it is quite okay to us coz we've fun at there too. (Happiness is created by our own way, WAHAHA...)
First shoot! Their acting skill passed!

We've silly pose with Ting in front of us. WAHAHA...This is quite hilarious right?

Time caption. We've some sort like fast motion. It is like a sudden shoot of us (without any notice), I love this kind of pose better, coz it looks more natural.
The place was so beautiful, they have this around the temple.
Random photo of us without the camerawoman- Ting.

We visited place for awhile, coz nothing to be see and all of us headed to the NEXT Destination- Gurney Drive.
Our first meal in Penang was at Gurney Drive.
Oystel fried with chili. Although the oystel was big enough, but I hate it so much coz the oystel fried was more likely to oystel fried with eggs, I still prefer Melaka oystel fried much.
Pasembur> Rojak>Cucuk Udang. Thus, what's that???
This guy is damn famous, before headed to Penang, we already know him coz there is a video about him, and I should post it later...*finding for the video*
He will dance while cutting those ingrdients, but unfortunately that day he didn't dance. (according to Ting)

This is the ROJAK!! It tastes better than oystel fried but still not that delicious. Sorry rojakman!
Rating: 6/10
Fried Lok Lok. I love this the most, maybe I'm the fried thingy lover! Rating: 8/10
Me and Shin in Gurney Drive!!
PS: FYL, if you want to have some special stuff such as the rojak, you may go Gurney Drive to have it, but for normal food such as curry mee, hokkien mee, oystel fried and Lok Lok, please do not go Gurney Drive, because it is super expensive and not that tasty! (from our tour guide, Jennifer)
After our dinner, we headed to Gurney plaza, the famous plaza!
The interior design was quite spectacular and it is so damn big!!
While we were at the escalator, what Ting was doing??*pointing at me with a lame face*
Penang is a good place, coz they do not use plastic bag on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and they stated it as NO PLASTIC BAG DAY!!
OMG!! I love the way they promote recycle action. We should not use plastic so much actually, it hurts the Earth.
After some walk, Jennifer was so excited to meet up with her relatives, she keeps talking to her relatives in HOKKIEN and I just realize she speaks good hokkien and I don't! *shame to myself*
Her relatives brought us to the Gurney Drive seaside, and bought us some sour food. *thank* However, I didn't ate much due to my stomachache and tiredness (never sleep for 20 hours, I guess)
Self-caption photo with Shin again!
We were way too boring that time, so self-caption will cure day.
PS: Jennifer was talking to her relatives and we were photo-ing in the corner. *sweat*
Another self-caption with Bee Yoke!
The label of Gurney Drive (ok, this is what I added)
Along the way of Gurney Drive!! *nice place*
Now Jennifer joined us in the photo, miss the time when we were in Penang, everyone was damn happy and together!!
A few hours in Gurney Drive, it's time for us to check out our house or room!! Jennifer's uncle fetched us to his house (without staying with us) and left a key to us! Thank for the accommodation and the drinks so much.
The very first thing we do is put down our bags and captured all the things!!
Our bags! I know quite a lot!
And our shoes in line! *boring*
I've captured the entire house in video, but due to lazinezz again, I didn't show up the video, sorry!!
Well, now it's time for me to eat my lunch. Toodle...
PS: There will be lots of Penang post after this, stay tuned!

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