Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smoker please disappear in this world!

As my title had mentioned, SMOKER PLEASE DISAPPEAR IN THIS WORLD! I always hope that there is no smoker in the world.

Who created that stupid cigarette? I’m always asking this issue in my mind.

Does the smoker know the cigarette is bad for health, or they simply want to commit suicide in a longer period?

One stick of this stupid cigarette can harm our lungs for million time, and it harms not only the person who smoke, it even harms the second hand "user" (people who smell the second hand stinky smoke).

Does it looks cool when holding a cigarette?? It is absolutely not at all! They think they are damn cool while holding the stupid cigarette, or can attract many cute girls or guys in this world. OMG! This is damn childish or what??
Sometime I might think that people are way too selfish, they live for them own self rather than caring about others. Just like smokers, they don’t even think of the innocent people like us who always need to suffer from their stink smoke come out from their mouth or even the come out from the cigarette.

We are the second hand user, can't you think of us??

Well, the worst kind of smoker is pregnant woman!! Hey, come on! You are pregnant, and is going to give birth and yet you still smoking?  Do you know the consequences!?? The consequences of smoking during pregnancy are expose their babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, low birth weight of the baby, baby will have Respiratory Infections, and etc. Thus, I should say they're the irresponsible mother the world. Agree with me?

Even the environment are affected by those smokers!! STOP SMOKING!!!

Now, governement wanted to stop those smokers, so they put some scary photo of the effect of smoking.
*I made it bigger so that smokers can know the effect of smoking*
It looks damn horrible (even now I feel puke), but then nobody will scare of it! WTH is going on? It looks so scary, but smoker still buying it like buying a sweet!

What on Earth is going on??
It doesn't make any different before and after posting those photo  for those smokers.

I think they should think of others, don't be so selfish!! We need fresh air to breath!!!

PS: I just came back from a station One, at first the place was damn peacful, (without any cigarette) but then after some show girls look came in to the place, they sold cigarette to the customers, and that's the end of the peaceful place. We are living in the danger place! *angry*

The station One workers should stop them selling those stupid cigarette to the customers!!!

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