Sunday, May 16, 2010

Few hours to go..

Well, 3 hours later I will be in the bus and sleep for 7 hours before reach Penang, so now I should blog about it. WAHAHA..I know I have blog about in the previous post, but it simply no enough for me to express the feeling for going Penang. My mood is turn on to Penang right now, no so called lost in purse mood now, that’s was my 6 hours ago feeling now I’m right prepared for Penang. (Or I should say half coz some items haven’t put in my bag and I’m still considering whether to bring my netbook or not.)

So talking about Penang, as you can see it is full of food state or food paradise state. We’re not going to feel hungry coz everywhere is full FOOD! Asam laksa, curry mee, apong, prawn mee, lok lok, and rojak, I’m coming baby, wait for me to grab you all at once! I’m freaking hungry right now!

Many events will be held in the trip, OMG! Just can’t stop thinking of how fun is it!

Ok, I brought this to my trip, so cute yet useful.

Stay Tuned for my Penang trip post!

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