Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm a "wet chicken"!!

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Today weather was damn nice in the morning; sun rose and brightens the land of my house. It was a sunny day indeed.

I took a photo for today weather and decided to share with others in Facebook and Twitter after I got back home. Awesome weather!

As the weather was so damn warm, so I decide not to bring any umbrella to class. After the first section of the class, the rain poured heavily, I was so worried because I’ve not bring my umbrella and how am I going to walk to my car!! *wondering*

I went to my second section class, while lecturer was discussing the tutorial question, I was praying hard to let the rain stop. However, my “power” was not great at all, the rain still pouring heavily. *sweat to the max* I should bring the umbrella today (I was thinking)

I waited for the rain to stop at school, but still raining cats and dogs!! How am I going to do??

I texted many of my friends to borrow an umbrella, but most of them were in the class or house, freaking worried!

Lastly, I decided to run off to my car!!

So, begin my wet journey!

First, I prepared to put my text book in my bag so that it wouldn’t wet if I run off to my car.
Second, get set!
Third, RUN RUN RUN!!

While I was running, my slipper slips out, so I need to go back and took my slipper again! =__=lll
The rain was damn heavy, and I got wet after I went in to my car!! I’m a “wet chicken” (luo tang ji) after I got in to my car!!


I shouldn’t just left my umbrella in my car, that’s my punishment of not taking umbrella to the class. *angry*

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