Monday, July 12, 2010

2nd night life + food for the day!!!!

I wanted to blog about this last week, but due to my exam I had skipped it and delayed until now, sorry people.

So, last Saturday my uncle came back from Selangor, and we had a delightful home cooked meal at my house. After our dinner, we decided to pay a visit to our Melaka cruise. (Since mommy had promised to bring us there the week before)

This is my very first time pay a visit to Melaka cruise, and I was so excited to sit the cruise! Okla., it is not a cruise actually, it simply just a boat with motor on it.

Melaka cruise, I'm coming to you. *smile*
The place was crowded with people, we were like packing with those people with that place. =_=

Group photo of my family. It's been so long we didn't hang out together like that, mostly just few of us. Great experience

This is the Melaka cruise, not that big actually, just can fill in 20 people I guess.
My cousins was so excited to sit on that boat, both of them was like raving on it and keep asking when we're going to sit it! *cute*
Boat Boat!! I've no idea what boat is this, maybe boat with comfortable place to sit.
Bought our ticket when we reached there. Adult : RM10 child :RM5, rather expensive for us- Malaccan. However, children with age under 5 is FREE!! Why I'm not a child under 5??
Before headed to the boat, I've a photo with my lovely cousin. How cute is he! *peace*
Melaka monorail, still in progress yet and can fill in 23 people only. If this can only fill in 23 people, why they do it?? RIDICULOUS!!
The track of the monorail. The purpose of capturing this photo is because I want to light effect, it is so beautiful..

The eyes on MELAKA I had went there the week before. Nice view here!
I love the view from here. The bridge was like a magic thingy, and every bridge has their own name. (name of the person who sponsor that bridge)
Water reflection! Beautiful...
Lighting all around the houses and shop. Beautiful scene in Melaka! First time have this kind of impression from Melaka view.

lighting again, and the water reflected all the way when we were in the boat.
And they had decorated the flat with their drawing, so nice they drew the picture. How good if I've the skill of drawing, I can decorated my house with cute bear with pink. *dreaming*
Like father like son. He really look alike with his father. *cute*

The proved of their look. Looks alike right? Or I'm wrong....

My family group photo in the boat and Wai Mun as our cameraman! Thank ya!
The boat has audio recorder to introduce the place while we were in the boat, but it is quite irritating indeed, coz mostly nobody was listening to the audio. And for us, we were like guessing the place we went and was happy with our family joke. WAHAHA...ignore us please!
Later that, my lovely cousins was so raving to see the music fountain (the boat travel to there too), so we went there as a promise to them.
The Melaka music fountain at Bunga Raya! This was nice but the music are actually not related to the flow of the water. *confuse* I'd went there before and blog it actually.
It is a nice place to pay a visit.
I'd finished introducing the Melaka night life, and now start with food "advertisement"!!
The next day, uncle brought us to have a shop at Jonker walk in the afternoon. The weather was damn hot and dry! *killing me*
We actually went there for FOOD!!
Let's me present you people with good FOOD!!
Durian puff that I was raving for soooooo looooooong......
The puff was so fluffy and soft... while I bite the puff the durian cream flow out..
That's the best part of it. The durian cream was just in great sweetness, neither too sweet nor too creamy, and it is so smooth to eat it. I'm loving with it so much... *love it x 100 times*
And this "ma ti shu"! My favourite biscuit ever!!!!
It was so crispy and not to sweet! This is just perfect for those who hate sweet food.
Besides that, it is damn cheap 10 for only RM6!! *worth it*
Ok, now you may go and grab it at jonker walk!! WAHAHA..
Last photo of this post!!
My lovely Jun Jie with his angry face! *cute* Mad love him...
PS: I ate U.S Pizza just now, feel so blissful right now!!

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