Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FIFA World Cup fever

Well, for clarify, I’m neither football fans nor World Cup fans, but today match seems to be the excited match throughout this FIFA World Cup!

Germany V.S Spain!!

Who do you support?? I’m surely supporting Germany, because the team is strong. (According to Jennifer, footballer (I forget what no. already) of Germany was damn handsome *LOL*)

However, I think I’m not going to watch it coz it is too late for me, 2.30am!! *crazy* I’m not raving on this, so wouldn’t watch it for sure, but feel excited to know the result!! Quite confuse *headache*

2.30am will be great match!!


PS: Brazil lost the game, so sad!! I’m the fans of Brazil, then only Germany!

PSS: nowadays facebook has become the latest news for football match, a brand new newspaper!! WAHAHA…


Germany Vs Spain, Germany lost the game, 0-1. T.T

I want that octopus to predict my life too...*evil laugh*

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