Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot day on Sunday

Well, it takes like super long for me to change my layout and do this and that, but at the end mission failed, coz my side bar just can’t be fix, even Jennifer also don’t know how to do it, as a result an old blogskin appeared again! *sweat*

I love the new blogspot layout is because it has a comment tab and follower tab!

Due to this kind of problem, I even had change my blog to a brand new place with the same blogskin, so people, please do follow me by adding my link instead of clicking on that “follower” button, coz my blog doesn’t have any follow button. For the comment, just leave in shoutbox! Sorry

I will try my best to change a nicer blogkin next time, I promise!

Ok, what should I blog about right now? It is 1.46am here!
Let’s talk about food!!! I know I’m damn cruel to upload food photo at this time, but what to do, the only reason for me to blog is FOOD!! WAHAHA….

Thus, Sunday was a day where my mom went to Air panas (hot spring) with her friends, and left daddy and us (sis, sis’s bf and me) at home. I’m the spy (for a nicer name for spot light) for the day too, spy for sis! I’m Russian spy… (Ok, I’m totally raving for SALT to be on the screen, Thursday!!)

Sis asked me to accompany her to have a look at the format cloth which she needs to wear on her graduation day. We went Soda to have a look.
She got to buy what she wanted to have it, glad to hear it. if not she will nag for the whole day…. *scary*

After buying her format clothes at Soda, we hang around at New Jusco; I was a little tired coz I didn’t sleep well the day before. I’ve some insomnia for some reason. (I don’t even know the reason =_=)

So now the food post arrived! Sorry for those who are hungry right now!!

We went Shi Ling to have our breakfast or I should say my lunch and their breakfast coz I've eaten bread before going to New Jusco. *evil laugh*
Our Sunday breakfast! 3 items satisfied us a alot!!!
The very first time to buy is Aunty Annie!! I love Aunty Annie since my friend had introduced to me, the bread was so soft and many varieties of flavors can be ordered!
This is the famous Shi Ling XXXL Taiwan Fried Chicken! Mama miya.....
It is even bigger than my sis's hand! Can you imagine how big is this chicken???
It can be shares by 3 of us, satisfied!
The next yum food that satisfied us is Tempura (Tian Bu La). I always raving for this since I've watch Taiwan food or travel show in Astro, they called this as "tian bu la", so I was so curious about the look of "tian bu la", I thought it is a kind of food which are sweet and not spicy (translate directly from chinese), but then after I came to Shi Ling stall, I just realize Tian Bu La is same as Tempura, it is just a translation! Sweat to the max!!

Before we went Shi Ling, Sis's bf bought this from cool blog. The name of the shop was so cute, but the drink was suck! He ordered chocolate ice blended which is the bext seller of the shop, but the taste was different from chocolate! It tastes like coffee for me. =_=

We added chili to the chicken and tempura, as a result we are "burning"!! The foods were so damn spicy, and my tongue was like "burning". However, it is damn yum until I can't resist not to eat it!
Therefore, the Vsoy will help me to "put off" the fire in my tongue! I love Vsoy!!
My helper of the day! I love you..........

After our breakfast, we decided to go for ICE House, but the plan was fail due to the shop was closed on Sunday! OMG! We are so unlucky today. T.T
The weather was damn hot and dry, I need Ice so damn much....*grumpy*

Lastly we went to have ICE-CREAM at MCD drive thru! Good idea!
Ice-cream is my best friend on today weather *Cooling*
Hello...I'm Ice-cream monster cookies!!
PS: I think I'm gonna stop here, coz I'm way too tired right now, it's time for bed!! Good night, people..........

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