Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love World, Love Life

Love World, Love Life people!

As you people know that, our earth is seriously sick right now. “He” is struggling and suffering from sickness, so please do love “him” and take care of “him” as soon as possible!!

So, how should we love “him” and take care of “him”???

We should not do anything that hurt “him” such as air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution! Therefore, all we need to do is use recyclable thingy to save the resources.

As I said, Love world, love life! I’ve something to introduce to you guys, it is a cute and useable recyclable bag selling at here, please do support their effort of doing this to help the world. (it is my friend site actually)

There is two type of recyclable bag to let you guy to choose. It is quite useable and nice (you may also use it as an outing bag), it cost RM 6 only. *cheap*

If you want to buy it, please visit their site and order from them as soon as possible because it is limited addition. Thank you!

Love World, Love Life, people!!

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