Monday, May 24, 2010

Feel good after massage my leg~

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I twisted my leg while I came down from the bus, that’s was horrible, and my leg start swollen and pain.

It happened just right after I came back from Penang, I’m so bad luck. I thought it was small case so never bother about it. I didn’t go and see doctor until today I went.

The reason I decided to go for doctor is because one of friends told me that it will be serious if I didn’t let the sifu massage my leg, and keeps saying that my leg bone will broke and the vein will broke too. OMG! How horrible is this.

When I went to the sifu place, I was so scared and the sifu was so busy selling the medicine. Before my turn, there is a baby who had twisted his hand, and he cried for minute coz it is way too pain for a little boy like him. He is just 3 or 4 years old boy, I’m so pity of him. I look at him and the sifu twisted his hand right and left as if want to pull off his hand. (But I know sifu wouldn’t do it)

Ok, then after him is ME! I was so nervous coz I didn’t go for this kind of massage before. Everyone who went for this kind of massage will say it is so pain, but in fact it is just a normal massage, NO BIG DEAL! I feel relief after the massage.

My swollen leg.

Oh yeah! I went to pray too, coz I'm to suey (bad luck) nowadays. *sweat* I wish my leg will be fine soon coz there is a wesak ceremony on this coming Thursday. I'm going to walk for it!

PS: This is just a random post. I'm going to gather with friend later, feel excited!

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