Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel great after badminton game~

Well, this will be a short post coz there is no photo in this post, sorry guys and gals.

I just went to play badminton with sis and her friends, feel great after the game coz it’s been so long I didn’t touch the badminton racket due to exam and schooling. This was the weirdest game ever, coz I not know anyone of them, (oklah, just one can?) and yet I still playing with them. (Feel weird)

I won a lot today, freaking happy and tired.

After the badminton game, we went chicken rice shop which located at Batu Berendam (the cheapest chicken rice shop ever). They ordered 80 chicken rice ball and one chicken (if not mistaken), that was really a lot, OMG! I never ever see that much for my entire life, coz mostly we will order like 40 chicken rice ball and half chicken, and if my friend feel hungry they will order later, that was how we do it, but they do it differently. *weird*

I really feel full and tired right now. I’m gonna end now. Bye!

PS: Nah, this is really a super short post . WAHAHAHA...

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