Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you guys!

Today was a class gathering; we were making too much noise at MCD and keep coming out some funny stuff to play with, quite enjoy today. Well, nothing much to say about today gathering, coz it is just normal gathering with laughter.

Ok, now come to the important and shocking part!
When we were going back home, Andrew and Wang sent us down to Jennifer’s car, and they were so weird. After some secret talk, they gave Jennifer a pink plastic bag and state that it is for US. They said it is so a return for the T-shirt we gave to them days ago, WHAT??? OMG!! This is so paiseh (shy) and really thanks them a lot. The T-shirt has a nice cartoon which state “sweet dream, dream girl” Love it so much, and it is gold in colour. We are going to wear it tomorrow for sure. *erm...Doubting* This is the T-shirt they gave to us. Love and cute max!
Thank to Wang, Andrew, Kai Loon, Wee Kee and Edmund for the T-shirt. I love it so much!!

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