Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last post for this week.

As I mentioned earlier that, my friends and I will have a trip to Penang for this coming 16 May. I’m so excited to go there because as you know we planned for many years and now we are going do it, kind of happy. However, this trip is after my last paper which is the toughest subject among all those subject I taken this semester, I’m going to have a hard time to study for this subject. *SAD*

Ok, back to the topic, we’ve already planned where we will visit and play for. Many places we need to go and play for it, so money is the most important stuff right now, going to save money from now on. (it seems like it’s too late)

So, just now I have search the beach in Batu Ferringhi. It is so beautiful. Now I upload some photo for you people to see it.

The beach

Many activities can be done at the beach, I'm waiting for it.

Sand castle for the kids
Horse ride
Parasailing. This is the one I want to sit it, but the price is so damn expensive. (I searched from net)

This is so much fun and I hope I at Penang now! *sigh* I'm going finish my exam first, it is a sad case!
PSS: photo is from the net!
PS: Will be back on 15 of May for sure! Stay Tuned!

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