Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melaka should have this kind of Steamboat restaurant!

I’ve not update my Penang Trip because I haven’t get the photo yet so please be patient, readers.

Penang has given me a lot of good impression, their people are nice and not to forget their food are awesome and CHEAP max! What I want to introduce to you people when you go Penang is Penang Steamboat House which located at Newland or Jalan Baru. (If not mistaken)

This steamboat house provides many variety of food for us to eat, and it is cheap, RM18.90 per person and we may eat until we get full. That was really worth it I can say!

They have like from appetizer to main course to dessert, all kind of food for us to eat! Yum Yum..

Salad, fruit and black sauce pork (if not mistaken)

Bread, tomatoes, lemon.....all kind of appetizer! Love it

The steamboat stuff that we usually will have it in a normal steamboat shop!

Fried Dim Sum.

My lovely Dim Sum!
This really give a shock coz normally they won't provide Dim Sum in Steamboat restaurant, but this restaurant provide it! Pretty good indeed coz I love Dim Sum crazily...

Penang Lok- Lok.
Honestly I don't really like Penang Lok-Lok, I still prefer Melaka satay celup. Sorry penang..

Marinated pork and chicken.
Did I mention this is a pan fry plus steamboat restaurant. We can fry and steamboat at the same time! Good choice~

Seafood! I love seafood so much, Melaka steamboat restaurants don't provide this kind of food for customer. *sad*

Normal vegetable, mee and mee hoon.

Ice Kacang!
This place was special, they never ask what kind soup we would like to cook as, and they will just give two kind of soup! I love this kind of service indeed, coz I can try both soup instead of one.
The chicken and asam soup. I prefer the pure one coz asam was way too spicy for me.

We were so hungry so took many kind of food....
TADA!! I love their food so much especially their crab and Dim Sum. Yum Yum~

Our appetizer- tomatoes, mix vege, salad and cucumber.

Our Dim Sum. I love Dim Sum so much! ♥

The normal steamboat thingy- hot dog, mushroom, ham, crab stick and my love sandwich.

Our Marinated chicken!
I've no idea why this is so less. WAHAHA...

My love craby. I love seafood so much. ♥
Seafood- la la (clam) and fish


Shark fin soup.
(Ok lah, I don't think they will provide the real shark fin, but they just provide is just good enough for us. )

Sizzling and waiting....

My cooked craby! It is so sweet and fresh. I simply love it so much..

and my love clam too.

egg tart! They just provide food s that I love so much. This restaurant know me well. *laughing*

Ice-cream cone.
My ice-cream. Love max ♥
Everyone was busy
Same as normal steamboat restaurant, they will charge anyone who waste the food, 100g for RM5.00.
PS: Please don't waste if you can't finish it.
Playing with the craby friend. (another kind of crab)
Opps, I don't mean to waste it, I cooked it at last, don't misunderstood ok? I just want to show how skinny the craby is. It is so skinny yet tasty!! Yum yum...
Why Melaka don’t have this kind of steamboat house which provide crab and satay??
PS: I shouldn't post food post now, coz I'm so hungry!! T.T Waiting for sis to buy food for me. Hungry MAX!

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  1. hi there, may I know where is the location of this place? my email is Thanks!

  2. is at Macalister road in penang