Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut ♥

Well, I finally get to eat the pizza I craved for so long, that’s the FISH KING PIZZA, super happy yesterday.

I went to have FISH KING PIZZA yesterday with my sis and Wai Mun, the very first time I tried the new stuff in Pizza Hut, coz I never ever (besides yesterday) try anything new in Pizza Hut and also ordered pizza which I love so much. Ok, you may call me Chicken, coz not dare to try. I will think a lot, what if the pizza has no taste? What if I can’t accept it?

However, this time I’ve the gut to try it simply because I want to stand in this contest! The Nuffnang Pizza Hut contest and stand to win RM2000. WAHAHA….
The fisherman with me. I love his outfit, and he is the only one wearing this outfit. How cute is this.

Let’s start my experience in eating the FISH KING PIZZA.

The very first time I went to tried something new in Pizza Hut made me so happy and excited, but the weather just not in my mood, rain in the morning. *rolling eyes* why I’m so suey (bad luck) one!!

After we get out from the car, the rain started to pour and it is raining cats and dogs! WTH! However, it is lucky that, it rain just after we went out of the car.

The “fisherman” came and asked for ordered and of coz we ordered the one we craved for so long, THE FISH KING PIZZA SET. We ordered 2 people a set and it cost RM28, it is quite worth.

Before the FISH KING PIZZA arrived, we of coz camwhore for this contest! WAHAHA…

Few minutes later...
My favourite cheese powder arrived, OMG! I'm a cheese lover, so I must have this when I've my pizza and mushroom soup! *blissful*
Pepper and my favourite cheese powder. I'm not a peppery person so I anti pepper! *wink*

My mushroom soup with cheese powder! I feel so blissful after drinking a hot soup in a cold weather. I love mushroom soup plus cheese powder! *wee*

I'm drinking my hot mushroom soup! LOVE IT SO MUCH! ♥ Now I feel hungry! *sweat*

Garlic bread. The bread is so soft and yummy, but still I love cheese bread! I'm cheese lover indeed!
Well, where is my main course??
I keep asking for the Pizza, and a few second our FISH KING PIZZA arrived! Yahoo...
This FISH KING PIZZA has fried fish, crab meat, lemon and CHINESE PARSLEY (my family favourite). Besides that, I love the sour mayonnaise and CHEESE! The cheese was so thick and I love it.
PS: I don't really know why everyone HATE chinese parsley so much yet my family love it. WAHAHA....
I'm holding the Pizza and feel so hungry that time. Its smell so good, made me want to grab and eat it.

OMG! The cheese so yummy.

The mayonnaise and cheese made me in heaven!

I'm going to grab it later.

The most important thing to eat a pizza is I NEED TO PUT A LOT OF CHEESE POWDER!!!
Ok, Let me camwhore before we eat can? My face looks so dark here. (should put more sunblock during my Penang trip. =.=lll)

I'm trying the brand new Pizza in Pizza Hut- FISH KING PIZZA!

First taste was like I'm in heaven! The sour mayonnaise and cheese made a perfect combination. I LOVE IT! ♥
We will very enjoy our Pizza until the time passed so fast! *sigh*
Camwhore again! *sweat*
Did you notice anything? They will so sweet, and I was the lamp pose! WAHAHA....

We ate up in seconds! (ok, I'm too exaggerate, then in MINUTES, can?)

With sis!!

I'm gonna try it again for sure! I love the KING FISH PIZZA so much, no regret of trying!

After chit-chatting and camwhore, it's time for us to pay bill.
We just need to press a button and the fisherman came and asked for cash! OMG! This is the first time I saw that in a Pizza Hut outlet!
OK, fine! I'm shua gu!! (I'm outdated)

You may have a try on this brand new FISH KING PIZZA in any Pizza Hut outlet!
Umpan dah kena nih, jom lah makan!

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