Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little cute thingy that I love so much!

Well, I'm not so alike of posting video, but this I really wanted to share with you guys! This is so cute and it always has been used in MSN as icon, I never know that it has many story about it. So cute! Love it..

OK? What was it actually?? Tell me please! *beg by anyone*


PS: This is the introduction of the cute little thingy, so it is much clearer to let those of you who don't familiar with it. *smile*

Yoyo and Cici is a lover if not mistaken! XD

The story. It is so cute right? Love it!!

PS: Do you guys enjoy the video? Well, might to remind again, I'm going to change my bloglink to http://pinkaholiclydia.blogspot.com/ on 15 may, so please do change it, readers!! You are appreciated, thank alot of supporting my blog! *orz*

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