Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini HP Netbook is right in my house!!

About 11am, my phone rang and I see the phone no. was not what I familiar with and I terrified, (FYI, I always got scared of phone no. which I don’t familiar with) then I picked up the phone and said..HELLO.

The person: Hello is this Lydia (Oklah, he called my full name)?
Me: yea, I’m.
The person: I’m calling from …. (I’ve forgotten the place already, and that’s was morning my dear. My mind was still blurred), I wll send you the HP Netbook from the Streamyx Uni Cool packages. You will be home right?

(By the time, he said wanted to bring the phone, my mood turn from study mood to a super duper excited mood, that’s was why I’m here blogging)

Me: Okok! I’ll be home, thank you!

When end the call, I messaged to mimi and Jennifer as fast as I could! Great news for me!! Yeah, I’m going to bring it to Penang! Yahoo…

Thus, just before 30min, the guy came and he gave me my HP mini Netbook. I was so excited to see it and stopped my study and blogging here. I’m totally failing from study right now, which not a good sign for my final. (oklah, I will go back and study right after I blogged this.)

NAH!! This is the mini Netbook of mine. I'm so in love with it.

After open the box! This is so cute, a mini size laptop!
TADA!! My mini netbook, so cute. Currently charging...

The accessories and my little netbook, but it is not pink! =.=lll

I'm going to try my netbook right after this, gonna try it! Yahoo...
PS: Do you notice that, I edited my photo with my new link? This is for not to confuse some of the reader when I change my link, which is Thank you! I'm changing soon, really soon... 3days to go..

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