Friday, January 30, 2009


SEE!!! what a cute little thing...
Sleep for the whole day, as of he had done a big project....

He was totally tired after playing for a few days
And now sleeping for the whole day
What a good thing right?

Being a dog was totally relax
If you are hungry just bark as loud as you can
If you feel sleepy just sleep for the whole day
If you want to have a walk just shake your tail
If you want to make friends just do it
That’s really great right?

No problem in dog life
No stress in dog life
Is true?

As a human being
We need to fight for our right
We need to study harder for a better job
We need to have better job for our future life
Stress right?
Hope that we will overcome the entire problem that we face to

nicky:don't take my photo

nicky:what you seeing har!!!!!

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