Friday, January 30, 2009

Seoul Garden

The drink station

ice-cream!!!! my favorite....

ice kacang...

fry dumpling and hot dog station

steamboat station

BBQ station

We have our family's gathering at Seoul garden
Many people went there with family or friends
Mostly friends

There was totally good in condition
Not hot but cold
Not bad but good

The food was quite delicious
Especially my favorite oyster
That was really good

We can BBQ and steamboat at the same time
but when the soup get into the oil
Wow! I tell you!!
That was really aching….
Before and After???

Full of food

Busy eating
Captured by lynn

still eating

and of course must take photo

Two greedy people who took too much things

cousin: har?? still got somemore?? help!!
brother: hey finish up all the food.
cousin:what!!!! still got food!! OH MY GOD!!

I like their dessert
Especially the ice-cream
The ice-cream was totally delicious, mouth-watering...indescribable!!!
You can make your own dessert as you like
There are many choices
Such as ‘ice kacang ‘, ice-cream and many more
my Favorite!!!!!

Oh yeah!
There also have some fry dumpling…
Quite delicious!!
Hope that we will have this kind of gathering again!

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