Sunday, May 22, 2011

BBQ Party discussion in Eikyi Musicafe is love

Aloha, I’m here again!

Tea time with friend is the best, I must say. Well, Jennifer had suggested us a place called Eikyi Musicafe which is located somewhere near Pure Bar Melaka.

The reason we want to have this gathering is because…

We want to discuss our BBQ party plan on Monday, that's tomorrow! We were very serious on this, guys!

 Organiser of the party, quite contented.

Before settle the plan, we must fulfilled our tummy, so FOOD IS NEEDED!!
 Cheese sausages with mayo. It is kinda too salty for me, I don't like the sausages!

According to Jennifer, it is a must to order this beautifully decorated hot chocolate or something decorated, coz it is hard to find in Melaka.

After the hot chocolate served, snap snap snap! Everyone was like crazy on snapping the photo except Viki. She is way too hungry, I guess! =P

Yes! She is hungry, so she order this fried rice. According to Viki, the coleslaw is yummilicious.

My ice chocolate. It's normal, I must say!

I love this the most (coz I order it). Eggs roll with ham! Yummilicious

I've no idea what drink is this, sorry for that! And it is Bee's drink.

 I was so enjoy with my eggs roll, that's mean it is yummilicious.

And Viki's drink. It looks nice with decoration.

It's time to stop making you people hungry, let's start the discussion session. I'm the secretary of the day!
Crab stick, chicken wings, salad.....bla bla bla...

Emm...What else to buy??? *wondering what the guys like to eat*

Oh! One side dish left over, coleslaw!! Viki is right, the coleslaw is yummilicious, you can enjoy the crispness of the vege. You get what I mean??

Jennifer were super in love with her hot chocolate, and she said she is not going to destroy the decoration until she drink finish. But at the end, she got fed up and mix up the decoration with the hot chocolate. MUAHAHA..

She is so funny!!

Our discussion end up with tons of gossip story again!! But it is quite success.

PS: another one day to BBQ party, I'm waiting for it. YES!!

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