Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23/5/2011 is a memorable day for me.

It’s freaking hot Wednesday, and I’ve been doing all sort of editing today. I was like non-stop trying, editing, converting and uploading, and I spent like 5 hours just to do it. However, I’m so satisfied with it; hope you all love it.

By the way, my Perak trip has been postpone due to some problem, and I get to go Singapore next week! Hurray! I wish to go Singapore like age!!!!!

Alright! As I mentioned in last 2 entries that my friends and I were having our Barbeque Party in beach, it was on Monday. I woke up around 6.45am that day, and waited to be assign to buy goods for our BBQ. Jennifer, Shin and I went to get some goods for BBQ at budgeted Tesco.

Preparation of the foods!
 Half cut cabbage for coleslaw.

Hard-boiled eggs for sandwiches

Too peppery for me, but I still love it coz it contains mix herb! Yummilicious. Credit by Jennifer

We prepare the food for 3 hours ( 12pm to 3pm), then headed to Pantai Puteri!
 The girls were helping to set up the place.

and guys were digging the hole for the fire.

This is all the goods we prepared from morning until evening. Tired but it's fun.

We love cookies, and we are the cookies chef!!

Majority girl are putting the fire! Where the guys gone?? MUAHAHA...

But lastly Wang and Wee Kee is the one who put up the fire. We, girls do not have putting-fire skill. *laughing*

 *singing camp fire fire burning....*

Jennifer was playing with the kids. For some reason, I think their parent should take care of them, coz one of them nearly run out to the road! It's so dangerous.

BBQ 23/5/2011 credit by Andrew!

 We love it so much.

# take 1
 # take 2
 # take 3
 # Take 4 the one and only one proper group photo.

 They were playing the kite, and Jennifer finally fly the kite! Bravo...

Showing off the cookies with girls!

Members of the day!

Sun set view
It's finally the time for us to nom nom. I'm freaking hungry!

The only vegetable dish guys would take a try! COLESLAW you are so damn success.

Good one!
 emm..too dry for me.
 Chao da sausages and crab stick!

My love squid or sotong. I love more than I do! Mamamiya~~

It's getting dark soon....

 The well-cooked not fresh crab stick, coz when we washed it, the skin peel off =________=

The food we prepare, and everyone like it. And they love the sandwich more than we thought off. Thank God, they finished up the sandwich, and ask for more!

yes! getting dark soon...real soon...

After makan (eat), it's time for us to go to the beach!

 Tomodachi footstep in Pantai Puteri, and we left Ting to combine hers with us!

All of them were crazy on the beach, and I was regret that I suggested to play at the beach .

Is around 8pm that time!

Our girls group photo. Opps! There is a "girl" back there!

Vivian help us to take this photo before she has been drag to the sea! Too bad!

They were planning something fishy, and I knew it is a bad one! T^T

"we should pull someone else to the sea"
"yes! who we gonna pull"
" about that one"
"oh yes! Great idea"


"help me please"
"Hey! Put me down, I'm gonna vomit soon"

Yes! The one who has the arrow makes me want to puke out!

I smell something chocolate in the throat, that's was really yucky!

And they were planning to carefully bring Bee down to the beach! How bad is that!

Well, end the crazy moment of my life, and take a breath at the beach!
We were lying on the beach to watch the star in the sky! It's was so beautiful, but too bad my camera is way too poor to capture those star! *relaxing*

 Devil is coming again!

"girls! Let's kick them away!"
"YES, kick them away!"

Camwhore at the beach!

Too flashy!

Our memorable day end up with a perfect match!

This was the most memorable BBQ with them, coz we are the one who prepare for the food. The food taste yummilicious, because our hardship paid off!!!

Well, let's enjoy the video now!

Hope you guys like it, and another video will up next!

PS: I'm so excited to pack my stuff to Singapore soon.


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  2. Kendra Bing, i don't get you.
    Jennifer, haha! I love the song too, but this is not the original one,, i wan the original person sing one..