Friday, May 27, 2011

The making of Bee Hive Sponge Cake

Yes, it is the making of Bee Hive cake! As I said I wanted to bake a Bee Hive, so my mom try again.
First, all you need to do is just follow the instruction. *cough cough*

Secret recipe from my mom best friend *ehem*
1 bowl of sugar
1 1/2 bowl of plain flour
4 oz of magerin/ butter
3 tbsp of condense milk
3/4 tbsp of soda bicarbonate
1/2 bowl of water

2 oz of sugar
4 eggs

1 tbsp of vanilla extract


1. Melt the sugar in A until it turn brown.

like this.
2. add water to the boil sugar ( This must be careful, if not you get hurt. Tips: Let it cold for awhile, then only pour the water in)
3. melt the butter together with the mixture of sugar and water

4. Add condense milk to the mixture.

5. in mixture B, beat the eggs with the sugar together until fluffly.
6. combine both mixture A and B together.
7. Add flour and soda bicarbonate to the mixture and stir it equally.

Note: This is camera effect, stir it slowly and equally.

8. Pour the mixture into the pre-heated container, bake it.
You should have all this bubble after pouring to the container. This the Bee Hive effect when it has fully baked.

Bake it in the oven slowly and steadly, and remember DO NOT RUSH! Just do it slowly.......

The experience of doing Bee Hive sponge cake was really good, I've experience the boiling sugar spill on my feet, and it's hurt. My feet got red after that, I need something to cool it down. However, overall experience was quite good because I never ever do this kind of cake before. That's was an awesome cake! I love it.

PS: Ha! I'm just a helper actually =P

After around 45 minutes, a bee hive sponge cake is ready to be serve!
I've pack some for my aunty and my mom best friend.

Well, aunty commented that the Bee Hive effect is lesser this time (too bad), but it taste nicer than the previous one! *clap hand* I'm glad that my very-sensitive-in-eating aunty like it! =)

You may folow the recipe if you like to bake one too!

Enjoy my short video! I'm trying hard to learn a new skill in editing video. =)

Hope you all love it!

Comment and tell me the result. *evil laugh*

Au revoir!


  1. Looks delicious but wonder if I can omit the condensed milk as I don't like it too sweet?

  2. I think you may coz my friend said her mom do it without condense milk.hehe