Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What makes perfect match??

WOW! It’s raining heavily today, and I was awake by the loudness of the rain. Good morning to brighten my day.
Alright, that's not the point! What makes perfect match? (this is) I mean FOOD!

One day, my course mate Xinyi, Shin and I were talking about a person

“Eh, I tell you, I saw a blog, and the person name his girlfriend as pudding”
“Then he usually called her girlfriend as Honey in Chinese word makes me wonder who he is writing”
“Until yesterday I know what the meaning is, sweat!” *blur case always*
“You know what, it is so fun to read his blog with drawing...”

Bla Bla Bla…

Xinyi came out this idea of making who is the perfect match!
Xinyi: Do you know who is the perfect match?
Me: WHO?

Xinyi: agar-agar (a kind of jelly) and food colouring!!!! *laughing*
Agar-agar + Food colouring = Colouring agar-agar! That's the point! MUAHAHA...

Me: hey! This is lame, but funny… *laughing + freezing*

While we were laughing and freezing, Shin suddenly talks!

Shin: REALLY?? They are perfect match?? How you know it? Who tell you?? How? How? *curious*
Xinyi and me: …………… MUAHAHAHAHHAA... *laughing non-stop*

“you are way too serious on this Shin, we were just joking my dear!! MUAHAHAHA..”

Shin: *blush*

Xinyi: who is the perfect match of jelly then?

Me: Emm…
Shin: *blushing*

Xinyi: it is fruit can!

Jelly + Fruit cans makes another perfect match!

Me: Oh yes! it is *laughing*
Shin: ............

Now my turn to come out a perfect match!

Me: ok! Now my turn. How about pudding perfect match? Hiak Hiak Hiak
Xinyi: Em...
Shin: Alright! I'm not going to play anymore. *sweating*

Me: Yeah! It is caramel. Do you heard of pudding caramel?

That's pudding caramel!

Pudding+ caramel is perfect couple, I must say!

Xinyi: Oh! This is good one. You're right! MUAHAHA....

We both was laughing so loudly at our Business Law Lecture class, then keeps asking the rest the same question over and over again, and laughing at the same time.

PS: Please do not learn it! But I don't often making such fun things in class, I'm good student!

While asking this question, another Shinyi asked a question

"everyone gone crazy on such lamest joke ever"

Shinyi: Then who is the perfect match of milo?
Me: I know! I know! Is HOT WATER!!
 It is perfect match!
Give us a yummilicious hot milo drink!
We were talking until the class end, and I asked Shin about the question which Shinyi asked me. You know what Shin told me?

Shin: I think hot water is killing milo instead of love him. *explaining*
Me: Oh! You are right! .....
Xinyi: Oh yes...

*non-stop discussing until the way to my car*
That's was the fun part of my Business Law lecture class.

So, while we were having BBQ party yesterday, I found another perfect match! It's the perfect match of the day!
Guess what??

 A homemade cookies


 A mashmallow!!!!!!!!

Makes a perfect match!!

Yes! You are right, that's the perfect match of the day. Everyone love it in the BBQ party!

Well, gonna find out more perfect match soon.

PS: If you have any food perfect match, mind you comment on it and share with me! *evil laugh*


  1. hahaha!! i google those photo actually..besides the mashmallow and the cookies.