Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bee Hive cake makes my day!

" Lydia, I'm going to bake a bee hive cake one day"
" huh? Bee hive cake? What that? I never heard before"
" This is a recipe from aunty lucy"
" Alright! Then when you gonna bake it"

Well, this is the first time I heard of Bee Hive cake in my entire life. The only reason it called it as Bee Hive is because it has HOLE just like Bee Hive!
See! The hole is everywhere in the cake. According to my mom, this is not really success because there is less hole. =__=
I love the melt sugar on top of the Bee Hive cake so much. It is sweet and liquid, it melt into my throat!
I ate a lot of it today, and I wish bake one sometime (coz my mom bake this in the morning, and I'm still sleeping).

PS: I actually ate Bee Hive cake before in my life, and not knowing it has a name of Bee Hive cake. *blur*

Next, enjoy the video!!!!


  1. My fav one, called Sarang Burung, spongy, soft and simply melts in th mouth.

  2. agree with you. it spongy soft and melt in the mouth! I love it sooo much.

    Oh! in malay is Sarang Burung. Now I only know! hehe..thank for the info!