Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ma journée cookies


Ma journée cookies mean my cookies day!

Shin and I came out this idea when we have an industry visit on last Wednesday. We planned to have our cookies day with Jennifer as well, but since she is so busy with her packing, moving….. She rejected us; ok! We forgive you for this reasonable reason, we are so bighearted! MUAHAHAHA…
I asked shin to have it yesterday, and we went for some ingredient shop in Jusco early in the morning. And it is fun to start our cookies day in the morning, brighten our mood!

Ingredient of the day!

To be honest, we were way too busy preparing the ingredient, so this is what I JUST snap to blog it. Professional blogger huh!? =P
250g butter (Shin got shocked when she saw that amount of butter)
200g sugar
650g of all-purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
2tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
Chocolate bar for coating (optional)

1. stir the butter and sugar until creamy
2. add eggs and vanilla extract.
3. add in flour and baking powder
Easy right?
4. Shape it!

Shin and I love to do this, and my bro keeps on eating our  biscuit while we were doing. He love the cookies so much! We had success!

5. BAKE!!

And violat!!
Our beautiful cookies with variety of shape.

Must have a photo with our creation. I love the shape of people, it is so damn cute!

And Shin love her star shape!
 We played around with the cookies while waiting for something. You may know what we were waiting at, scroll down!!!!

A person is riding an elephant.

Star and sun (This is what Shin told me MUAHAHA)

 A person riding a hippopotamus! Lame...

We were so damn happy to show our cookies. Do you notice my net book? Yes. We are searching something.

Now this is what we were waiting at!!!

Waiting for the dark chocolate to melt. We use it as a coating for our biscuit.

TADA! After coating with chocolate!
My bro love this the most, he said it taste better.

And we decorate it with my sis left over silver sugar thingy. It looks nice?

We both were so damn satisfied with our creation, and plan to do another type of cookies next time. Which type of cookies should we try next time, suggestion needed here!!! Comment and tell me!

This is the one we wanted to give others.
Small- Shin's mom, Middle- my mom, and the big one secret!!

My mom commented it is kinda hard for her (too bad), and she love the one did not coat by chocolate, bro commented it is yummy, and I should take cooking course than accounting course =___=lll and Shin's mom did not comment at all, but Shin said her mom sure love it. That's good!

Nous sommes très heureux avec les cookies!! ( We are very happy with the cookies)
PS: we will having our BBQ gathering again next monday! I'm waiting for it.


  1. i guess big one for me???hahahaa.... the cookies looks great for high tea la.... >.<

  2. looks nice, taste depend on you! hehe.. the big will know later! hiak hiak hiak...suggest another cookies for me please!

  3. then i think you will bring to bbq!haha

  4. Lovely to look at, esp after the chocolate coating. Simple recipe too.

  5. Jennifer, u're right! Shin suggested one! hehe..
    Nava.K,'s easy! and it taste nicer with chocolate coating. =)