Monday, May 23, 2011

Early bird always get what they want!


It's blue Monday again, everyone get up and work right now!
Well, I woke up dam early today (around 6.45am), coz today is an important day for me! Hiak Hiak Hiak! We are going to prepare for BBQ party! I'm freaking excited, am I?

Yes! But before that, I guess everyone is still sleeping, so is blog time for me!

Nah~ Nothing to blog, then show you people my super syok-sendiri self-caption in my room!
 # Take 1
 # Take 2 dreaming of my charming prince! MUAHAHA..

 # Take 3 Love Bunny so dam much!

# Take 4 Morning Bunny! =_____=lll

 # Take 5 In fact, I'm still in a sleeping mood! *yawn*

# Take 6 So, that's is how I always treat Bunny, and yes I'm day-dreaming. =P

Ok, DONE! No more super syok sendiri self-caption anymore! You are FREE now!  MUAHAHA...

Oh wait!

My lunch of the day! Probably my brunch, coz I'm super hungry now!
 Fried Kangkung and sweet-sour potatoes and ham! Sweet mom cooked for us in the morning! *touch*

I've already took out the things for BBQ Party! I'm good assistant ok!?? *blush*

OK! Now you are free! You may off this page and do your own stuff now!! Hiak hiak hiak!

PS: Sorry for forcing you people =P