Monday, May 30, 2011

Melaka town trip with my sis!


There is some issue on my YouTube video I posted previously, I felt sorry because there is nothing I can fix on with that video. I’m really frustrated because I'd deleted those video. I can't do it again! *shouting*

Thus, I should blog it with picture.

Last Sunday, my sis and I were way too boring, and she asked me to go for cendol. Cendol is a Melaka famous cuisine which the peranakan or the baba & nyonya used to serve to their guest (a simply explanation for those who do not know about it). We went Donald and Lily to have our dessert, yum yum yum! But frankly, their cendol has failed to appetite me = (

Their taste has become less favorable when I’d try Jonker famous Cendol and Amy nyonya cuisine shop.

I love Cendol with thick coconut milk, but this is not thick at all. It is so watery. =(
After our dessert, we went for another dessert, San Shu Gong pan cake with pandan flavor. It is a fish-like pan cake with pandan filling. Oh well, this had disappointed me so much!

 “Hey, how the taste?”
“It’s taste so bad”
*Nod my head thoroughly*
“emm… Its taste just like flour with pandan” *MUAHAHA…* (that’s was a creative description)

It's cute isn't? But say NO NO for the next time. I'm sorry, you're not my cup of tea. Too bad!

The reason we went there is because there is free lunch tester (?) Nope! We are not hungry ghost! We went there for Pan cakes, remember!? But something my sis crave for is their coffee, and she didn’t want to buy it because no one is willing to share with her (I don’t drink coffee for nothing). Thus, what she does was just to get a cup of Free Tester icy white coffee at the shop! A slurp of coffee makes her day!
The best selling in San Shu Gong!

Lastly, Sis and her bf bought some gift for their friends and family, and what about me? NONE! I didn’t buy anything because I need to save money, and I can go there whenever I like! Oh yes, I bought the flour plus pandan flavor pan cake for my lunch =__=

End of my trip in Melaka Town, (as if I'm not Malaccan) it was really fun, and I finally get to eat those food I always wanted to eat yet have not chance! *disappointed*

Opps! There is something I missed out…

Before we headed to San Shu Gong, we went Casa De Rio (the newly open hotel in town) for photo! Yes, this is what we usually do, snap lots of beautiful photo.
 This was the front view, it's freaking big and elegant! I love it.

Sitting besides the pool

 view from inside!

 Melaka river!

Pretend to be couple. Yes! This is just a demo for them.
I mean them!

"emm... what is that?"
" what things?"
(curiousity killing the cat) MUAHAHA...

We went Jusco after this, and we jam at there. *grumpy* We'd wasted 30 minutes to find a parking place. Well, we actually went Jusco to have a hair cut and bye some stuff.
 I was playing camwhore instead of cutting hair. The person who got cut (hair) is sis's bf!

I was wondering in the salon, playing camwhore, looking at the barber curl hair (it's pretty indeed)......all sort of nonsense being done there. I was boring as you can see!!! However, it's worth to look at the barber curl the hair, I'm going to go there to curl my hair someday!

Melaka town trip end with my mom delicious dinner. It's tiring!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I'm going Singapore 3 days later. *excited*

I know I’m quite emotional in the previous post, so I decided to post a new video for my Melaka trip with my sis! We are still the best sisters thought sometimes get fed up and emotional because of her. But we are sister, remember! Fighting will not more than 5 minute!

Well, let’s enjoy my new video.

PS: I got addicted in editing video! I will try my best to improve my skill. Stay tuned for more.

Or you may watch all this video in my YouTube channel. subscribe me if possible =)

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