Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's summer baby!

It's SUMMER baby!

The weather which I hate the most in my life. Non other than HOT can describe this weather! I HATE SUMMER SOOO MUCH! *seriously*

Alright, sorry for not updating like thousand of years (ok! For one month). The reason is because my sis brought baby pink camera to KL, so no nice photo to share with you all, and I'm way too busy for my assignment and exam!

The sun was freaking bright, and it actually penetrate my skin nastyly, I hate sunlight. My dark spot is going to be bigger nowadays! *grumpy* I can't even hide from sun light!!!!!!!!! %^&**^%$

As what my cousin always said WHAT A SUNNY DAY!! *grumpy mood*

 I need something cold to eat, so last Sunday, my uncle bought us this at Jonker! This is so called "egg ice-cream". It is so cute that I felt so waste to eat it, and it tastes great! It's creamy and icey, I love it so much, and it suit the weather. ^^v

(The entire post was not relevant actually... WAHAHA *laugh for nothing*)
 The card I designed made it for Shin's birthday. Is it look good? Flower + butterfly make prefect match. But anyway, there is some detail which Jennifer Had added, and I didn't  snap it! orz

Another designed made card for Jennifer . Well, I did some design such as the rose below there. OH WHAT!? It looks like a normal flower? WHATEVER!! My design failed to the max!!

To my dear Jennifer..... (that's the inside part) Look good?

And a design dollhouse for her Domo-kun. Ok, I know it is kind of weird, forgive my bad design skill. Improvement needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least (I realise that I love to end with this line <<<)
My home-baked orange chiffon cake!!!!! Everyone said it is yummy, I finally did it, thank God!
I'm trying to bake chocolate moist cake with my mom today, but it seems like it is not moist at all. I'll post it tomorrow since I have not try yet. *wee*

PS: I'm going for industry-visit tomorrow in the morning (6.30am), it's going to be a tiring day! Good night everyone!!

Au revoir!