Friday, June 3, 2011


It’s June now!

WOW! I never realise my holiday is going to end real soon until my friend told me so. I’ve been counting days for Singapore trip instead of end of holiday, so forgive me!

Yes! I’m going Singapore with group tomorrow, and I’m excited since this is the first time I step into Singapore for my entire life. I’m serious!

PS: Still need to do some packing before going to Singapore!
Ok, just don’t talk about that first, let’s see what festival we celebrate in June?
Yes! The most important one, Father’s day!

A month to show your love to your lovely daddy!

What’s more?

Children's day!(in my way is kiddo day, MUAHAHA..) Oh, I must say I miss this day so much. Thought it’s been real far for me right now, the memories of getting present from my teacher, celebration at school, singing, eating and laughing is still in my mind. The only thing I love to be child is to celebrate children day.

Nevertheless, ba chang’s festival (or in a formal way it is called as dragon boat day) also is officially in June! And I realise, we as a Chinese have many festival to celebrate which is a good thing, because yum food is always served in special occasion.

The nyonya chang or nyonya dumplings from Mama Lucy (mom's best friend). She makes the most yummilicious nyonya chang in town. No one can compete with hers, and my sis was grumpy because she has no chance to taste it this year. Mama Lucy nyonya chang is limited edition, one year once and do not sell it!

I'm so lucky to eat it! *blissful for the whole year*

But I wish something cold for the Summer!!!
This is a crystal dumpling from Melaka, and I want to try it. But the problem is I don't even know which part of Melaka sell this. *grumpy* I'm gonna search for it!!
FIY, please let me know which part of Melaka sell this ok? Leave a comment and tell me, thank so much!

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