Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour ROCK!!!

Ladies and gentleman, you may switch on your power now…
Obviously not all Malaysian switches off their power. Right?
So what is the feeling when all Malaysian switch off their power immediately?
The whole Malaysia will immediately turns black in color…
No sound, no light, no wind, have nothing!!
One thing remains…
The sky, the moon and the stars
If TNB do switch off the main power, all of us will just look at the sky
And start to see the twinkle of the star and the brightness of the moon
Since many people had ignore that for many years
But TNB didn’t do that
They didn’t switch off the main power
So honestly I didn’t turn off the light too…hehe

Don’t blame me…
I went Aunty Lucy’s house (My mom’s friend) with my mom,
so I am not at home at that particular time
And and and
I do want to turn off the light but due to some problem I didn’t turn it off
Many reason har...
Time passes no reason anymore…..Lydia!!

Many areas did turn off the power
Such as twin tower, time square and 8tv too….
They love the Earth so much
But for me,
The answer will be as usual…..MAYBE!!
Honestly not all the time I love the Earth
Sometimes I may obey but not every time la
I must see what the situation is
For this Earth hour I truly wanted to try to switch off all the light
But of course I didn’t off la because I at my mom friend’s house what

And I just MSN my cousin,
I am so surprise that she had switched off all the light for one hour
Wow… really love the Earth and you are good girl la…hehe…
I did surprise that you will switch off the light
I truly thought that many people will just ignore
But my thought was wrong; many people did obey the advertisement
And they had done what the advertisement told us to do..
wow...if the Earth had feeling, it sure will cry on the spot, right?

Last line for this post

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