Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I really enjoy these two days with my friends
Yesterday my friends had invited me to play badminton at MSN
I accepted without any thinking
It is because I had rejected them since the last three weeks
Feel so sorry to them….hehe…
We had a great game at there…
I had won a match with the best team!!!
I know they let me win one
Thank ya!!! Haha…

The second day!!
Mean today la!!
We went swimming at the public swimming pool
There are quite a lot of people went there for swimming
Truly have fun at there
We swim; we talk and we play around too
We play more actually!!! Hehe!! *shy*

After we had finished swimming, we went for shower at the bath room
The bath room was quite small and dirty… *of course la!! Public bath room what!!*
But it has a big resting room where you can rest, chit-chat and sleep there (if you feel sleepy la)
A while later, we went back home with a tired faces!!!

I truly exhausted after doing so many exercise in two days
Amazing right?
I also feel so…hehe…

Tomorrow they had invited me to go GYM,
but due to some financial problem I had rejected them
And I also surrender now!!!
I had muscle pain now~!!

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