Sunday, March 15, 2009

BUSY + HAPPY life!!!

haha...miki drew for me...funny right??

I am so busy these days
Our drama is on Friday, but we haven’t prepare any thing
At that moment we really scare you know?
So we quickly prepared our script and drama stuff as soon as possible
And this is why I haven’t blogging for five days…
These five days I had done many things….
Drawing background, rehearsal for our drama, prepared our costume and so on…
My busy life began again!!!
On last Friday, we had drama in the big class
Who knows? That stupid lecture came late and we had to changed to a small room
Oh!! Totally mad of her!!
She didn’t feel apologetic and say sorry to us…argh!!
As she went in, she asked us to start our drama...Oh!!! So angry with her
When we start our drama, I said to Irene (my friend Eugene) that she need to be careful because I will scold her as loud as possible….
Our drama was quite good and funny!!!
And and and!!!
I scolded Irene as loud as I can, because that stupid lecture made me angry….
Thank to that lecture anyway, if not I will laugh when I scold Irene
I am happy to have this play with my group members
We are the best!!! my sport car!!7039!! right??
bus of pm15
the living room!!! haven't colour it....
with the enormous radio and my sport car picture!!! hehe...
my group members....we are the best ya!!!! ROCK!!
all of us with happy faces!!!

me and Irene (eugene)
m3 and ying kun!!!
3 leng lui and one ah ma!!! haha.... peter and rose (m3 and xiao ting)

three HANDSOME guy!!! jack, peter, jim!!!!
m3 and the maid (shin yee)
m3 and ah pok with my cap!!
m3 and jac

ah pok , jac, m3!!! ah Pok why you close your eyes??

JJ the old hu hu....

they are acting the devil...haha...funny!!! with sandra the devil or grandma?? devil grandma???
draw by Ah Sheng!! beautiful right??
wow...really owesome!!
m3 and chia hui (the supporter of mamat!!) haha...
her face like edited!!!
m3 and MIKI (the cool man)
miki you really very cool la...haha...
me and big head with sampat post..haha...
me and shin yi...
shin yi you damn cute....
and seemo you are in my photo...hehe...
with chia hong the old lady...(she plays as old lady in the devil)
she will scold me if she know i wrote her as old lady....

p/s: i will edit more photo when i get it from my friends

And now!!
I am going to tell a ghost story
This really not related to what I had written just now okay??
My friend had told me that she and her group had their drama at one of the oldest building in our school…
They had some soft like funeral in their play so they brought many sliver paper, candle and joystick to that building
She had told one of her friend that not to light up that joystick but her friend refuse to listen
So her friend lighted up the joystick
When they finish their play, her friend had seen “something” in their photo…
And it is beside her (the camera owner)
Oh!! Scary man!!

As a conclusion, please not to light up any joystick in any place ya!!!

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