Monday, March 23, 2009


I had spent much money today…*crying*
I had some financial problem these days
And yet my sister’s friend invited us to watch movie at Carefour
We had chosen “THE INTERNATIONAL” instead of the movie that acted by THE Rock
There is no ticket for us actually….*sad*

When I started to watch that movie, I was like huh?? What the hell they are talking about(because we came in late)
As movie goes on, I was like oh!! I know what is going right now…*quite slow har*
The movie was quite excited….
Especially a scene where they have shooting at a shopping mall
Wow…I like that part the most!!!!
But the ending was quite weird
I would like to say there is NO ENDING for this movie!!!

Photo time!!!
For a remembrance we will captured photo wherever we go....
This is where we captured at....
In the CAR!!!!
Lucky there is nobody looking at us....

You know why sis had changed her sit place???
This is all about her big face
She wanted to look smaller so she changed her place from front to back…
This is a technique to look smaller
You can learn from her where you will have a smaller face in the photo

Making shocking face is the important part of our photo session
It is most difficult part too…
You have to make shocking face in front of the camera for 10 seconds without laughing
OMG!!! It is very difficult for me to do that without laughing!!!

And my sis’s friend had been force to do that with us..*laughing*

This is what I had done for today

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