Monday, March 2, 2009


I am so headache now!!!

Nowadays we are doing our management presentation,
Oh gosh!!
When we will finish all the stuff???
Can’t really think of any idea….argh!!!
It’s driving me crazy!!!

We are so stress after watching what my friend’s group had presented,
Their slide was splendid
Their video was funny
Their presentation was awesome
Nothing wrong at all…
But our lecture still wants to comment about it
He had commented about the color of the slide, the animation and all sort of thing
He is the worst lecture ever!!!!!
If they had been commented,
Then how about us??
He will comment us too
I don’t want!!!
Hope he won't comment so much about our presentation.....

This coming Friday is our presentation for management
Oh! it is so soon…
We must do our best and god will do the rest!!!!!!!

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