Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hurray!!! Win Win Win!! end of mission impossible

Hey Hey Hey!!!!
I'm back...
This days damn busy doing my presentation stuff....
So I have no time to update my blog....

while doing the slide, we capture a photo together....
love that moment...
feel so stress when we haven finish doing our slide
but now feel relief!!!

after presentatio....and that is our design of Nokia Phone!!!

Today is a happy day
Because we win our mission impossible!!!!
I am so proud of myself
Last few days I told you guys that we had planned a secret right?
Answer given: that is our video…
The response of our video was good and full of laughter
We are scare that when we show it there is no response at all….
Thank to our course mate who give a good response to our video and presentation…

Actually our rehearsal was totally BAD BAD BAD!!!
And many of us haven prepare yet…
That moment I really wanted to give up and just simply do it
But many people can do it, why I can’t do it?
So we practice quite a lot
And yet we still not satisfy
We try and try….
At last we had a little bit improvement but we still not satisfy

Time flies….
Presentation started!!!
We are so nervous and keep thinking what question will be ask by our lecture
When the first group had presented…
Tang tang tang tang!!!
Now is our turn to present!!!
Totally nervous!!!
Big head: good morning to our lecture……………and now I would like to give to the first presenter Mei Wei to present the history of nokia.
I am sweating…shivering….nervous….
ME: FIRSTLY, i would like to introduce myself........
Our lecture and course mate got shock when I said FIRSTLY loudly
Actually I purposely do that to attract the audience (my lecture and course mate)
That was funny….
After that I feel relief….and presented smoothly (not as smooth as silk la)

Let me introduce our group members ….
The first presenters….as you guy know is ME!!
The most nervous person….
The second presenter big head was the best actor in our video,
She has many idea of designing nokia phone
The third presenter Cia Sin, the most pity one (because she has been asked many question by our lec)
The forth presenter Xian, the monitor!!
The fifth presenter Chia hong, the” teacher”, she really looks like teacher la…hehe..
The sixth presenter yu min, the fastest presenter…hehe…
The last presenter shin yi presented the design of nokia (our own design)
Shin yi was brilliant, she do all the design and presented by herself

Oh yeah!!
We had answered all the question that lecture asked….wow….
And lecture said we are smart too because we put the entire name inside that slide so that we will not be wrong….ha-ha...
After all of us had presented….
Video time!!!
This is the first time I saw the entire edited video
Ah Xian you really very good in doing video editing la…
I laugh like hell and the entire class laughed when I had make the sound “har~~~”

Our presentation had finish and NOW!!!
Lecture start to comment and he said that our slide was bad
We had five star presenters….yeah!!
Our group was the most people get star presenters
We are so happy and thank to our group members….
Last but not least, I would like to sorry to my friends because we kept this as a secret…SORRY!!
Don’t angry ya!!! Promise!
P/S: i had updated my blog.....yeah!!!

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