Thursday, October 25, 2012

I planned this, I'm still ask for it

Another planned holiday and momi still asked me to cook today!

Today is another lay back day with my books and laptop. Woke up around 7.30am, and went walking with momi in the morning as we are going for breakfast together. Momi was craving for Mee hom kueh for much until she insists to go there with me. We went wet market after that, we bought many kind of raw material for  dinner. I'm kind of excited to try something new today.

Forced Nicky boy to photo with me, and I think he is quite professional in somewhere. He is 7 years old now, and you may guess it by it fur. He is still damn cute for me!

My mom came in the middle of the day, and I was told that our long-time-no-see sofa is coming back to us today.
I miss you so much, why you left us without my acknowledgment? I miss you! And finally we have enough sofa to sit today!

Alright! I heard a great news for Jennifer just now, and I hope it is reliable enough.

Stalking plus catching fire makes my day. I still left 1/4 way to finish the catching fire. I should finish up before sis come back from KL tonight!

PS: She is going to bring her friend to Melaka tonight, and perhaps tomorrow will be a tourist day for me!
Stalked my prrince! Our always-very-cute prince was so serious in taking care of our safety. I captured this moment without his "approval". Madly cute right?

As I mentioned, I'd asked to prepared dinner tonight, and guess what I've cooked?

Momi taught me to cooked this steam pork with mushroom. And momi praise me again! She said I'm good in cooking vegetable, not salty at all! Called me genius please. MUAHAHA..

End this post while watching drama and chit-chatting with Jennifer. Efficient right?

PS: waiting sis to come back! 

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