Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surprise birthday celebration for October baby Viki

Yo! Today was Viki's birthday, and we gave her a surprise birthday celebration yesterday. It turns out to be QUITE surprise, because she don't see very surprise on our arrival. 

My bad of not bringing camera to her house, so no photo of the cake. It was ruined by Jennifer, because she dropped it when she took out from refrigerator. However, it is not her fault as it is super heavy for her. Then, after the birthday celebration, we went the Good World Restaurant to have our dinner or supper? 

This is what we ordered. 6 big dishes for 9 of us. Crazy! This normally for like 13 persons in my family. Note the Curry Bread, it was really yummy, but sadly I just got to taste some due to allergy to yeast. I love the white pau too, I hate you yeast! 

All of the dishes was quite yum, especially the curry bread and the fried pak choi, awesome. This cost us around RM150 which is cheaper than the one we had in Port Dickson. 

The seafood tomyam only RM 20 I think. Cheap not?

Present for Viki, cosmetic.

We spent like 2 hours to choose these. Thank to the sale girl there who introduce of the items. And this was I mentioned in the last 2 post of going Jusco. Very important right?

I'm going to use this after eating the delicious yeast bread. Why on earth I have allergy on yeast at this age? So weird. I found it during my practical training. Too bad!!

PS: Group photo was with them, so I wouldn't update if I got it from them.

Happy Birthday Viki! May your dream come true (I know I'm not creative enough in wishing, but this is the most sincere one isn't? Teehee)

Group photo of the day, and it looks like Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Photo boomed by the guys! Teehee!

Noted: Shin is the only one who wear yellow shirt. She is not the main character of the day, yet she looks like she is. Jennifer and I wearing purple shirt as we didn't know that dress code is red! 

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