Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm super happy

Captured while waiting for my mom!

Looking on my title, you already know that I'm super happy today. Yes! SUPER HAPPY.

Something has make my day, and I'm gonna appreciate it until the end. I was so worried 2 weeks ago for my FIN result, and not to show out when I was with my family and friends. I kept the stress and sadness all by myself, but today pay off due to I PASS MY FIN EXAM!

How happy is that, I really felt that I'll fail for this time, but God just help me to pass! Thank Amitofo for helping me. I was praying for the last 2 weeks, and now I'm super grateful that it works!!!! I pass my exam, and it was the tough one. MUAHAHAHAHA..

I can't stop sharing my happiness to all my family and friends. My uncle was asking me to treat him a meal since I pass my exam. I really need to thank my uncle for sending here and there just for my class at Sunway College. Besides that, my mom who always give me stress, stress make perfect for me. My aunty for taking care of me so much while I was training in KL. I was half training half studying that time, so it is kind of like trouble them all the time. Thank you!

The first person I told the great news was my mom, and she was like you have give a shock!! She was happy for me, and congratulate me for sometimes. I feel the bliss! Then I messaged some of my best friends just to tell them how happy am I now! I'm so happy that Jennifer congratulated me on the spot! Thank you so much, but Shin hasn't reply me (I think her phone was not besides her, too bad). MUAHAHA... I feel the bliss from all of them. I'm blissful!

I'm gonna have good good night today.

I would like to congratulate my friend, yee cil coz he passed his exam too! How good is that! However, I heard one of our friend failed her exam, hope she is right now! Wish her all the best in her supplementary exam.

PS: I'm waiting for my sis to come celebrate with me.

PSS: My mom bought me curler today! Double happiness!!!!!

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