Monday, October 22, 2012

This is how I spent the non-planned holiday

I supposed all of you know that I’m having holiday today, so guess what I’ve done for the whole day. I didn’t even waste every moment today.

I woke up in the morning, and waited mom to get back from her everyday-exercise-session. I went to Jusco with Jennifer after that, we spent around 3 hours searching something important.  I will reveal on the next post.  Probably!

Well, we went to Shiling as Jennifer stomach grumbled after all that searching. I felt exhausted because it is hard for me to stay alert in the afternoon. I’m not as healthy as those day (sound like an old lady eh?). HAHAHAHA!

I cooked after I came back from Jusco. I told mom yesterday that I’ll cook today, because I’ve discovers a brand new eggs “secret” recipe, so she was like Are you sure you are able to cook it? Of coz I DO!

All of them are cooked by me except the sweet sour pork. OK! Don't judge my skill of cooking, this is my first attempt okay? STOP JUDGING! I did a good job on vegetable, and mom praised me. So happy.

I watched the last episode of Material Queen while eating my lunch. And the ending was quite nice. I mean QUITE, coz it is expected. Nothing special for all those drama. Done with my lunch, I began to clean up my table as I'm going to use the table since school reopen. 

Guess what I found in the middle of cleaning up?

 A bunch of my bus tickets (6 months ok?)

I kept most of the bus tickets in my bag, and some of them was with my parents and En Ting (The KL guy! HAHAHA!). I usually came back Melaka with my sis or alone due to the clash of time with En Ting. Too bad! We are no lucky enough to come back together! Teehee!!

 4 more file appear throughout the six months! As I mentioned in other post, I took examination twice in six months. It was so tiring, and I finally got to rest for a moment. Thank GOD!

Put it neatly in the cabinet. See! How thick is the syllabus, and spot the Financial Reporting Handbook and 2012 Budget Commendary and....something. Both of them are useful in the exam, and I spent RM216 for that particular yellow book! EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! Lucky I pass the exam. Thank GOD!
Spent one hour to clean up all the mess I've done in six months. 

I'm ready to meet up all my coursemates tomorrow, and faced all the assignment and exam in MMU! I'm glad to go back MMU again. Hate working life in KL, more stress!

PS: Tomorrow going to be a long day for me. 8am class make me feel excited and sleepy at the same time. End at 6pm even worst for me. 10 hours in the school, what should I do? Emmm.....

PSS: Dam angry coz the guy is a super liar, and he bluff the girl so badly. Why good guy always bully by bad one?? AHHH! Just leave him lah. WOW! The story gonna be so dam long right now!!!! (FYI, I'm watching drama right now!)

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