Thursday, November 1, 2012

Korea Haul from skin care to cosmetic to accessories to food

I should blog this before I got to school later, and it's been one month since I came back from Korea. I have no intention to write a blog post as many photos have not been resize and edit. I've done some shopping in Korea, but 90% is my sister and momi things. I'm not a big fans of shopping actually, however, I did some of the shopping for myself.

10% are mine in this Korea Haul, and do you spot the mushroom sock? That's my favourite.

Are you ready for my Korea Haul?
I shop like a Queen in Myeong Dong, Korea, especially in Korea branch outlet. I just give them the list that my sister gave to me, and they will help to pick up all the facial and cosmetic product for me. All I need to do is to stand there and act like a Queen!

One thing that I love to shop Korea is that their services is awesome, every sales girl will introduce product nicely, and you got to test some of the product. Most important is that they actually speak Mandarin, but they are not so good in English. Just bare in mind that if you are not good in Mandarin like momi, bring a nice friend who know to do the translation. 

Another thing I love to shop in Myeong Dong, Korea is that every outlet gave sample with the condition that you got to buy their product. So good. I went almost every outlet, and purchase their products, and yes I get the free gift like more than what I purchase. I love free sample. Thus, I bought less mask at there, as I've more free sample mask than I bought. HAHAHA! If you are just like me who love FREE, Myeong Dong is the best place for you to haul some lovely things. 

90% of what I bought is from Myeong Dong, because it is super cheap. I think is about 50% cheaper compare the one we bought in Malaysia. (Condition is that it is Korea Product)
Missha Eye liner gel from Myeong Dong for RM40, and free Missha point makeup remover tissue and cleansing tissue. Good right? I bought eyes liner gel, and get 2 free gift.

Bought these cute sock from Hongdae. It is somewhere near Hongik University. Their accessories is super cheap, and this sock just RM3 per pair. Everyone gone crazy especially my aunty and momi, 3 of us so crazily choosing our cutest sock for sister and brother.

One for RM24 from Jeil Amethyst, and it is the best purple crystal (as what they said). It can be used as a phone chair or necklace. We bought for all the cousins, so we decided to wear on Chinese New Year, madly cute right?

Left is mine and the right is my sister's.
Hair accessories RM 3 per piece from Hongdae, and Nail polish RM4.50 per piece from one of the souvenir shop. Their accessories are so cute, and I suppose to give my sis one, but end I reserve for myself. *greedy*

Rich Butter Hand & heel Cream RM 11. Cheap not? We bought this at Myeong Dong, and it is like buy 5 free 5! We shared among ourselves

Note for travel: Get friends and families to go with you, because you may share among yourself. Cheaper!
From Etude house at Myeong Dong too! Magic Bubble RM 27, Bubble Cleaning foam RM 38.4 and Mascara remover RM12.

This is how I shop like a Queen in Etude House!
White eye line, long lasting eyes brow pencil RM18 from Etude House, and Cheek stick from Face shop for RM 27 (if not mistaken, I've short memory!)

Laneige Sun block SPF 35 PA++ RM60, bought in Myeong Dong. For your information, you may buy it in Doota at Dongdaemun, because it is the same price!!! And not much gift given in this outlet in Myeong Dong. So, I was quite regret to waste time finding this branch in Myeong Dong! T__T

Snail BB cream, and it is cheap (I don't the price as this is momi's). It is for elderly because snail is to cure wrinkle I think! I've no idea. HAHAHA..

Hydrogel Gold & EGF RM 150 in WS Nature outlet. You can't buy this in Myeong Dong, so if you are
interested, you may go to their outlet, and it is duty free!

Baby Silky Foot one shot peeling RM 22 from Holika Holika. I bought this at Hongdae, And lots of free gift given as well! We have request more gift from them, and they are so good coz they give what we requested! Why their service always better than here? I started to miss their service now!

So sad that this branch can only get at there! 
Mask from Holika Holika, natural republic, Face Shop and WS Natural. We bought only the one from Holika Holika, the rest is free gift!

Around RM3 per piece! Cheap right?

Free gift snail skin care kit from Holika Holika! They even give one set of skin car kit for gift!!!!!

The First Sun liquid SPF50+ PA+++ RM36 from Natural Republic! This is super awesome, it is not oily at all! Well, this is the only skin care (except mask) I bought for myself throughout the trip!  The best sunblock I ever use! NOT OILY!!!!!!! I hate oily sunblock and mostly either it is super oily or pricey!

Souvenir from Doota, Dongdaemun! Doota is the best place in Dongdaemun to shop for souvenir, because it is super cheap!  Don't really remember their price now as we went there on the first day (one month ago, ok?)

Bought seaweed with the tour guide, and kimchi from one of the old outlet! We do Kimchi at there!! So nice, and I'm so in love their kimchi. It is a MUST to have Kimchi in every meal in Korea!

Snacks from the 24 shop behind our hotel.

Pepero stick! According to my tour guide, this is a kind of snack that Korean will exchange on 11 November, and the best time will on 11 November, 11.11. This is a kind celebration in Korea, and they name the day as Pepero day! So cute right? 

So, now I know the real meaning of 11.11, because I always told my sister that when you see 11.11, it means that someone is missing you badly on the other side. It is a good sign to see 11.11 everyday, and this is only my own perspective.  You can don't believe it anyway. 

Market Real Brownie. It was super duper sweet brownie I ever had! 
However, you may bought this in one of the shop in Ampang. It is the same price as what you will have in Korea! So, we bought some of this back from Ampang as well! Teehee.

Shop in Korea will make so happy as every Korea branch will be aroun 50% cheaper than here. By the way, you need to plan to shop at there, because I didn't planned well as I didn't shop more in Myeong Dong, and didn't taste their street food. So sad!

Alright! DONE, and I need to prepare for class now! 

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  1. Nice write up! I wish i can go to korea and buy my fav korean skincare. Yup I heard they are much cheaper.