Sunday, October 21, 2012

Was surprise that tomorrow is still a holiday!

Still another day of holiday for tomorrow.

I'd never planned to stay at home tomorrow, but I guess tomorrow gonna be a relax day for me. However, I’m going to be dam stress for this term since lecturers are giving me more tutorials as attendance rule. “Great”. I couldn't be lazy even when I don’t feel being hardworking.

I felt so stress after looking at the note, because all the notes are useless! 2 pages for a chapter? I think it is better to read text book T__T

I hope I’m going to good in this term, if not DIE would be the word to describe me!

Alright, since tomorrow is a holiday, so I planned to write something in case I've no time for the rest of the day being at school, especially Tuesday because I've class for the whole day! WHOLE DAY!! NO KIDDING. 

So, today was a good rest day as the weather is freaking so good. How can we don't relax in such a good weather, sleep for the whole day will the best choice, but I choose to be with my cousins. We went to the Jonker Walk to shop for magnet, chair and food. I miss those foods so much, and I finally have them all. I love you Melaka best food!!!!

Then, went back to home sweet home to enjoy the infamous Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) in town. That was awesome! I feel so blissful with Melaka food after 6 months training in KL. Love you!

I spent my last day holiday (the is what I thought today, but it seems like I'm having another day of holiday, planning to spent it wisely) wisely today, and sis was not being here with us today, how sad is that. She is coming this week again, and one of her friend gonna visit Melaka next week, foresee for next week!

Alright, I crap a lot here, so should end here! Bye!

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