Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I seriously need a car for any outing.. begging people ain't feeling that good!!!!!!!!

I supposed to drive to town by myself to celebrate Viki's birthday, and Jennifer just reject and insist to sit their car. Oh right! I sat their car again. Why on earth I bother to sit their car? I'm not that kind of soft girl I must say, so don't expect I would beg you from sitting your car. I mean BEGGING ain't a fun thing! You thought being teasing a great feeling? You are wrong man! That's not a good feeling on it.

 I don't think all of you are brother enough since no secret sharing among you guys. Some of you are gentleman (this is what I can't deny, probably 3 of you), but I really felt so dam bad being tease (ok, even not teasing me, but Shin are so pity, what you guys trying to do? They are not enjoying either! Maybe they are?)

Today supposed to be a happy ending (oklah, quite a happy ending), but I seriously don't want to sit anyone of their car anymore. I WANT DRIVE PLEASE! Just let me drive!!!!!! I rather driving to the place than being tease by them. HATE THE FEELING OF BEING TEASE! STUPID!!!

Let’s say they tease you once, and that’s still tolerable, but not for the whole year ok? I still remember when I change my course to Bachelor of Accounting, and I was being tease for like 2 years! OMG! 2 YEARS was not very short, and I was suffer that time. I didn't speak not because of I'm happy with it, this is just because I don't want to ruin our friendship. But I just can't bear anymore. I really feel sad when you guys tease on my changing course thingy, and I swear I wouldn't reveal any of my secret to you guys, even a small deal. I kept quiet, and I don't share anything with others just because I do not want any tease just like you guys always did to your brother. 

I bet some of them don't really feel revealing to each other either. 

And I'm noisy, I admit! But please don't make me shout at someone just because you guys saying I'm machine gun! What is the bad thing become a machine gun? Please don't be so childish. This isn't funny! I don't feel funny at all. Being noisy is my matter, please don't bother! I don't want to be dam obvious I'm super annoy by the name, but I pretend to be normal. Being normal doesn't mean I don't care, I care but I don't show it ok? 

After came back from practical training, I felt lots of different happening around me, place, people and even feeling. I don't feel energetic to face the world anymore, I felt so tired of their joke, and felt annoyed by their tease. I just feel why should I need being like that? Is it okay being tease just like a fool? I always think of that? Is it worth it? I just don't understand how to solve it ......

I need some advice!!

PS: I don't mean 3 of you, so don't misunderstand.. You guys are quite gentleman! Good to be like that *thumb up for you guys*

PSS: I really feel damn moody right now!

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