Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eat, Walk, Love

One week to school reopens, and the only thing I done was watching old movie over and over again. I watched Wild Child just now, and it was freaky nice. I always love this movie because I love the actress and handsome actor of coz. I love to be RICH Princess!

Anyway this is not the point. The point is I simply to bore to enjoy my life right here, and I knew this is not the way of enjoying my last week holiday. So right here, I present you guys my not-so-interesting-post (for you guys and NOT me!), and it all about FOOD which is my LOVE!

I went out (one in a million times, just kidding!) with my friends, Jennifer, Viki and Shin last week and the only thing we done is to enjoy Melaka food as much as possible, non-stop eating, I must say. Right! We are big eater, so what?

We wished to go Baboon for months (or years?), and we finally step in to this awesome-crazy-artistic-mind-restaurant in Melaka. Sadly, no photo is allowed in this crazy mind place. Artists should be self-fish to share their artwork for those copy-cats, and this is which I always agreed on! Called me Miss Self-fish who don’t share anything to others, MUAHAHA. No point of sharing to them anyway.

I think I always out of topic for some reason. Should learn to be more focus! FOCUS!! Alright! Focus on their food then!
Mango smoothies!

I always ordered something different with them, and this has proved me right! This Mango Smoothies is the best. It is so smooth and not-so-sweet. Original flavor!

Their signature (this is what I guess…) dish was their marvelous-special- artistic- burgers. I ordered their Egg and Baconcheese burger. Frankly speaking, this is as normal as daily routine! Sorry artistic people in the restaurant, your burger  don’t impress me; however, their pork burger was awesome, serious speaking. Am I ordered the wrong food? I AM!!! My bad!
I really enjoy their food a lot, and not to forget their cute little kitty on the chair. They have one Golden Retriever, and it sooo CUTE! This is the cutest Golden Retriever I ever see in my life, and the fur is so healthy! Too bad no photo for him, because I’m too busy to snap my own shoes!
Artistic not? This is part of their place, as I mentioned, not photo is allowed! Too bad!

This is how I step in this crazy mind place. Everything is so ART! I missed the chance to snap a photo with the Golden Retriever due to this, my pretty red slipper.

After the awesome-artistic lunch with them, and end up in Dataran Pahlawan enjoying the infamous Jonker One-bite Durian Cream Puff. We shop for awhile in the shopping mall, and play some stupid girly testing stuff in the shop. Girls always enjoy testing without buying especially sunglasses, spectacle, and pins...all sorts of accessories.
On our way to Dataran Pahlawan, we spot this mirror, and I find it interesting, so without hesitation, we used it as a reflection. Teehee! JLS is so crazy on the mirror!!!!

Pepero stick from Korea (NAH!!! This is from Ampang’s Korea shop, the Korea Pepero stick is for my sis teehee!). I will update for some Korea haut in the next entry!
The cute pepero box has a place to write something to someone you miss. And this is what we do, miss you Agnes (Jennifer's youngest sister) and Vivian (Viki's younger sister obviously). There is a story behind, and I'll blog it on the Korea Haut post. Stay tuned for that!!!

Yes! I'm the infamous Jonker Durian Cream Puff! Let's have a try one me.

This is the durian cream puff I always eat in Melaka, and this is a MUST to have one every visit in Jonker. I ate one yesterday with my mom's friend. It is heaven!!!! I love durian very much, but not for Jennifer. Too bad. She was like hey! The smell still in my throat for whole day (we were skype that day), and I can't get rid of it!!!! I can't stop laughing at her!! I just can't imagine people who don't eat durian for their life, I can't do it!!

Well another great thing with them is we get to share everything, and yes! Shaving ice tea is another destination.  We went tea garden to have some try on the shave ice. Is just like Snow Flake, and it taste awful (according to Viki, it usually taste different as what we have try. The worker probably just hates us or she have bad mood that day T___T).
Their taro was not as good as Snowflake! I don't like it. Sorry!

We hang out at there until dinner time, so we went dinner at Congee Rice Noodles restaurant. The main purpose of going there is because we gonna try something that Viki introduce since Port Dickson trip.

Seaweed soup that requested by Shin who missed her mom corn soup that day, but this is our main purpose of going there for sure. Normal seaweed soup.

My favourite salad fried taufu. It taste just like meat ball!!! It surprise me a lot. Really damn cool food. It still not our main purpose.

The main purpose of coming this restaurant because of their mamai chicken. Yes!
 The super salty mamai chicken. It taste so salty, but overall it is nice with rice. The chicken is sooooo crispy, and tasty. It is better than Port Dickson for sure. Completely different.

PS: I should post the mamai chicken from Port Dickson sometimes.
Forced Shin to photo with me.

The only group photo in this journey. So sad that my skill of camwhore failed! I should camwhore more and more. Practice make perfect right?? MUAHAHAHA..

We end up our journey around 9pm, and Shin came out a brilliant idea which is WE SHOULD TRAVEL TO OVERSEA SOMEDAY! Yes! Brilliant. We should have done some travelling before we get to work next year. Thus, we planned to go to Taiwan next year, but Jennifer and Viki refuse to follow us. Too bad. I should find one more person to join for Taiwan trip.

Why Mom just don't let just Shin and I go to Taiwan?

PS: This planned should be ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSS: I wish...

Alright, I'm not that boring anymore.

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