Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I did not plan this, I'm ask for it

Happy 555th post day!

Today is a planned holiday, and the only unplanned is cooking for dinner. I have been so interested to cook some dish for momi this few days, so momi bought some raw material, and I'm ask for it!

A lay back morning today, I woke up at 11.09am (I remembered because I saw Jennifer missed call and message me in the morning), and started my day with a bowl of rice with dishes (bought by momi) and television. Was so relaxing and casual today, reading "Catching Fire" in the middle of no where. I was going to finish this soon. I meant it!

While relaxing and searching for something, a phone call from momi. And I was ask to prepare dinner for tonight which is a tough one. Toufu!! I was like What? Are you sure you are going to eat my toufu dish, momi? Are you sure? How am I going to start this? And momi was patiently taught me the way of cooking it. Hope she will like it.

*Steaming rice sound begin* I think my steam rice is alright soon. It's 4.46pm now, and I'm done cooking 2 dishes for momi. How quickly can I be? Hope my taste bug doesn't lie to me, as I tasted my food while cooking. 

Not so sure what should I continue for this post, and I've been told that tomorrow going to be a cookies tasting day as Viki bake some cookies for us. Sweet and blissful! We are going for swimming tomorrow.

As I mentioned it was a planned holiday as we are planned to swimming today, but I back out in the middle of night as I knew I wouldn't been able to wake up so damn early in the morning. Sorry for me being so sleepy head today. I was really shock when I woke up it was 11.09 in the morning, and it meant I slept for 10 hours a day! 

Frankly speaking, I woke up at 7 in the morning, and momi was asking me to accompany her to hospital to settle some uncle medical insurance letter, but in the end she said it is not unnecessary to go there anymore as  our neighbour will help us out. Thus, the only thing I can do is reading Catching Fire for awhile, and head to my cozy bed again. Fall asleep within 2 minutes!! That's what Jennifer told me when I was in Port Dickson sleeping with JLS. I really sleep well every night without failure, and this is the best part of me coz my sis was the one who always insomnia.

Trying to be funny with the book, end up pretty well done! This book is the best, and I wouldn't just reading without stop it, but somehow I stop reading when I need to do something else. I need to finish before Lewis (sis's bf) need it back. I stop for quite sometimes due to my laziness on reading book, but I felt I don't want to leave my room yesterday after I'm reading this, because it is the part where they are going to the Hunger Game again! How can I miss this?

Momi praise me, and she is satisfied with my toufu chicken with oyster sauce.

PS: Due to lady-always-sickness, I can't go swimming with Viki and Jennifer tomorrow T____T

I'm going to plan for tomorrow holiday again! 

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