Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awesome Port Dickson

Went Port Dickson one day after trip to Korea. This is our way to Port Dickson, and we used the the long old road in order to avoid the toll. This trip was organised by Jennifer and Andrew as Andrew was the one who suggest to relax in the bungalow for 3 days.

While they were driving to Port Dickson, I was just a sleeping head, slept for 1 hour in the bumpy car sliently. They were so alert on the road yet I'm sleeping sliently. I'm so dam tired as I was just got back from Korea the last night, and slept for one hour in order not to be late for Port Dickson, at least don't be the last one to arrive (my theory).
After one hour drive, we finally reached to the hidden bungalow at Port Dickson, and the weather was freaking HOT that day.

Jumping in front of our hidden bungalow, and spot our bungalow behind? It was our sleeping place for 3 days. Frankly speaking, I don't feel easy when I enter to the bungalow. It was kind of weird and dark inside, so no photo for my bed room. =)
Our brunch dessert was Andrew's mom steam dark chocolate cake, and it was yummilicious! Recipe please? We finished it in a second, no chance for the guys!
Without hestistate we played UNO block after that, it was Viki's little UNO block. I posted this photo because Shin looks pretty here, and ignore Andrew's face thank! MUAHAHA... Sadly, some of them just don't want to join us, as they were scare of losing!! (Alright! this is what I Guess!!)
This was the crabby Viki's snap the other day, and I felt so cruel coz the crabby died after shooting. How sad is that! I saw the dead body of the crabby at night, and the whole body was so freaking hard!!! Bad case.
The view from our "dinner" place. The reason I used "dinner" is because we ended up eating at other restaurant, and the restaurant cheated us by their menu. The photo looks so yum, but it end up with few seafood WITHOUT crabby! Gosh!!! How dare to cheat us! Anyway, the food there was quite alright!
Back from dinner, we are getting heart attack quickly! Playing heart attack really make us pain so much, my finger nail peel off after that, and some of our hand was injured. Red...Blue Black... All sort of colour contain! ALL OF US WAS CHEATING ANYWAY!!! You may spot our face, and look at our happy face! We were so damn happy, and sadly some of them still don't want to join us. They can't enjoy our laughter!

PS: Jennifer and Viki was there before, and they gave up due to being hit so much!

 The c.o.c.o.n.u.t tree at Port Dickson. Steal photo from Viki's Facebook!

We were so tired for the first day, and the JLS has some girls talk in the room until midnight. It was so memorable as we have less chance to have girls talk together ever since Penang trip with the Tomo! Sharing secret to each other without others disturbing. I'm so informative right now. Teehee!

JLS woke up around 5am just to enjoy the morning breeze at the seaside. To be exact, Jennifer was planned to look at the sun rise!

JLS took the slipper, and ran to the seaside and enjoy the morning breeze! Spot the center slipper? That was mine, and it only cost me RM2, and it still alright! My slipper was broken before we went to Port Dickson, so all of them went to RM2 shop to get a slipper for me, and ended up they bought for themselve as well.

PS: Viki and her sister were still sleeping.
 Spot my blue toe? It was my favourite colour for the month!

We went back to our bungalow, and prepared our breakfast before the sun rise. I planned to do scrambled eggs for our breakfast, and ended up this was too hard! Lailed!

Around 7am, sun rise? Big mistake, we couldn't see any sun rise, if we were at the seaside! Too bad.
Mission incomplete. Should planned next time!

PS: It was a great morning except some bad feeling in the that day.

We went morning swimming after woke up! It was sunny day, and I was so damn sick that day!
 Lunch for the day: Bah Kut Teh and herb steamboat. Spot the crab stick? We have like 5 package of that, coz we like crab stick so damn much. We BBQ, Steamboat and cooked instant noodles with crab stick. It was an important food for us, the gang!

PD Steambost 2012 in the hidden bungalow!

This was the only group photo I have captured for the whole trip. Sadly, we didn't managed to snap any photo together due to our forgetful mind. Sorry!

Dinner: BBQ is a must!
I was so sick that day, so I ended up sleeping for the whole day. I've no mood to enjoy for the BBQ, and my head was driving me crazy. I did some BBQ for hotdog and mushroom, then sleep after that. Scold me for not enjoy for the BBQ session. Too bad!

However, sleeping is the benefit of not hearing any weird sound that night! All of them heard some weird sound that night except me! I was lucky, I didn't feel any feeling on the sound which is good!

We decorated our bungalow garden with l


  1. port dickson is sun set la..sun rise is at kuantan area la.. u stay at melaka ma... we are at the west area la ...sun rises in the east n sets in the west

  2. Agreed! hehe.. big mistake as what I mentioned!!