Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food adventure - snowflake 雪花栈

Well. I know I'm quite outdated to try this, and my sis has been telling me about the Snowflake shop at SS15, Subang Jaya months ago, and we have finally decided to pay a visit on that when I went to Selangor for my interview. In order to “survive” in such a HOT day, a cold dessert will do.

The owner Jimmy was originated from Tai Chung, Taiwan, and he has tasted many kinds of traditional Taiwan dessert made by his grandma, and his mom used to cook some for him by using their very own homegrown recipe, so he learned the entire secret recipe and so this is how snowflake appeared! (There are many more stories behind…. You may read it in their shop if you like it, TEEHEE!)
Snowflake serves all Taiwan traditional dessert, their signature dessert will be the ………


Before that, this is their infamous beeping UFO which my friend had created a story on it. The story: Before the day I went to try Snowflake, my friends (true friend will lie sometime, *evil laugh*) said that the UFO would fly, if we didn’t able to pick up our dessert on time. SUPER LIAR, but I was not that stupid to believe such nonsense, it doesn’t fly, but BEEPING all the time.
PS: Snowflake should invent something that my friends had created, that's would be cool, if in reality!
Their famous signiture dessert which is the best seller in the shop, Taro ball with grass jelly dessert *drooling*

 For some reason, my sis ordered this Red Bean + Black glutinous rice + Taro Ball.
RM 6.00

Note: their dessert was quite big portion, so we shared our dessert among ourself.

We were being confuse on the fresh milk given, because 4 of us was like hey! where should we put this milk at? The red bean or the tara ball? We were wondering until I saw somebody at the other table pour into their Taro Ball dessert, and we followed of coz!

Yes! pour as much as you like!

I'm sure some of you might think that what the hell is TARO BALL, Taro Ball is their secret recipe of Yam and Sweet potato ball, it is called as Yu yuan 芋圆 in chinese. Basically the taste was quite nice and it tastes just like yam and sweet potato, and it is so chewy which I heart the most. However, my sis doen't like the chewiness of the Taro Ball that much. She heart their Red Bean more than Best Seller! Too bad...

I must say Different people have different taste!

 Both of them bring us here in SS15, and sis had craved for long time ago...

Group photo of the day.

We planned to wear spec together in that shop ( I brought my spec there because I've an interview as I mentioned just now), and snap a photo together! I heart them much.

Food             :
Service          :
Environment :
Price              :

Address :
No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: 017-623 8966

Opening Hours:
1pm-11pm Daily


  1. I work just like a stone away but have not tried this place though plenty of postings on the same place. Nice desserts.

  2. yes..u should try really a nice dessert! =)