Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Teddy Bear house from ME!!

Showing off my handmade clay teddy bear, and shown that I'm a good clay maker!

Basically this is part of the school trip I blogged last 2 days, and you may visit this entry first before reading this. This is the link.

Went One Ceramic Studio with my cousins' schoolmates the other day, and made this cute teddy bear with clay all by myself. My dream come true after thinking of doing this for years. This clay making wasn't as easy as what I always though off because I need to make the teddy bear within 2 minutes. IT"S TWO MINUTES! I was so crazy doing it once I took the brown clay from the instructor. The first thing in mind once I got my brown clay is to shut my mind and keep moving without waiting how am I going to start. However, in the end I requested for help from the instructor to divide my clay into 6 pieces, and POP! He divided in 1 second! CRAZY! How people can divide the clay in seconds? I was think how to divide it equally, and this guy just do it perfectly, salute to him!

Once he helped me to divide, then I started to do my teddy bear in minutes (two minutes, as I mentioned). I felt restless after two minutes of rolling, pushing and pulling... and I done my basic bear with failure. Then I add some red palm and yellow clay on my teddy bear to look cute.

More things have added in the end, especially the purple bow to look cute on my teddy who I named Leddy. I make it as if Leddy is sitting at the garden with sun rises. Ladybird lay on the greeny grass, and the only bee is searching for beautiful flower in the garden.

This is the first teddy bear house I ever made in my life, thank to my uncle and aunty for the treat to the trip. I'm uber happy and enjoy!

Noted: beside of mine is my aunty creation.

How do think of my teddy bear house creation?

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