Sunday, February 7, 2010

Courage is so important to me right now!

I should learn how to be brave.

Life is going so hectic nowadays, tons of assignments are waving their hand to me and yet I’m not able to do it, because no material is being approved. I’m getting miserable throughout this hectic life; I hate it yet need to face it with my courage.

I need to solve those problem as quickly as possible, if not I’ll be very suffer in this coming Chinese New Year. I need a normal life from now on, but it is impossible at all, coz I’m a first year degree student. Being a degree student was not fun as what we in foundation, life changed, people around you changed as well. Therefore, we need to have more courage to face it, and not being a timid person.

I’m scare to write essay, solve problem individually, and also alone, however, life should be like that, am I right? I need to be more courage!! Courage is important to us, don’t you think so?

I’m hoping that, I’ll solve the entire problem by myself before the CNY start! Good luck, Lydia!
I need a key of courage!!
Key of courage, I need you so much....

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