Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heartfelt celebration ♥

Well, since Chinese New year fall in the same day with The Valentine Day, we should do some decoration related to both of the BIG day.

I made a red recycle heart lantern to decorate my home sweet home.

All we need is our hand.. (I'm just kidding =P) ....we need an instruction. FYI, this is from STARTWO-LIFESTYLE part, on monday 25 Jan 2010.
You may try and find the news paper or follow my blog entry.

This cute little lantern is quite environmental friendly, all it's need is just.... Remaining TOILET ROLL.
The sub material - used CD, scissor, red paper, UHU glue, pencil and ruler....
Water color brush (Ignore the dirtiness of my brush) and water color (pink and red)

Draw one side of a heart on the pieces of A4 paper and cut it as a template.2) Trace the template which has been cut out from the A4 paper on the toilet roll.
3) Cut all the "love" shape which has been trace on the toilet. Do the same thing same for eight toilet roll to obtain 32 pieces of heart. However, for my experience, it needs only 22 pieces of heart. ( Maybe there is some problem for my lantern)
4) Glue the both of the heart together , and remember glue it partially!!!
5) Top part colour with red color and down part colour with pink. This would make it has a 3-D image.
After some coloring.. Look nice??6) Glue the red paper to the toilet roll, so that it looks nice.
7) Glue seven toilet roll together.8) Paste 6 sets of 3-D hearts around the toilet roll at the top portion.
9) Do the same thing to the small one.
Cut half of the toilet roll, glue it with red paper and paste it with 3 sets 3-D hearts.
10) Use a scissor and cut the CD as the diagram above. Cut a curve shape at the top portion.

11) Glue 2 pieces of after-cut- CD together and make it look like a heart!
12) find some " fu" word to decorate the lantern.
You may cut in from the "ang pau" or buy the sticker type. For me, I cut from the "ang Pau" and it looks great after all.
Now, I proudly present my red recycle heart lantern to you people!!!
It looks nice??
I spent around 6 hours to do it, pretty impress of myself.

You guys should try it too!!!
Try it!!
PS: my friend and I would have a BBQ party for the coming Chinese New Year, I'm waiting for it!!~~♥

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